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Dec 11, 2012 05:42 AM

New design doesn't work well on Android

On my Android phone, when looking at the topic list, the default zoom makes the topic names huge and requires scrolling to the right to see the number of replies and last reply. It is possible to zoom out by double-tapping which makes the entire width fit on the screen and this looks good.

Once into a topic though, the zoom again defaults to huge, and it is impossible to zoom out. The text is so big that it is difficult to read (lots of wrapping).

Finally, the reply functionality is hidden and requires tapping on a message to see the button. Not very convenient or intuitive.

I think these are bugs, not design flaws. When zoomed out it works well and looks good.

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  1. In addition - on my Droid razr you can not see beyond the first page of the topics even if you pinch the screen to shrink it. The last post reaches to the bottom and there is no room to show the next pages.

    1. Same with for me with a Galaxy S2X and Dolphin Browser.

      1. I agree, the design does not work at all. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S and the dolphin browser. I had a tab set up to take me straight to CH, already signed in.
        Now, I start out as a new user, told I can "sign up" no place to log in, scratch that, after literally looking for it for 20 minutes, I was able to find the log in screen. THE HUGE login screen. Guess what still reminded mico-mini, yep the login button.

        How do I get to my profile, Ah, maybe I'll touch the "MY" button. NOPE. I cannot find how to get to "My Profile".

        Massive fail!

        1. Unusable. Droid Global 2. Even worse than it used to be, which was pretty bad. The full un-mobilized site would be more usable (as was the case previously).

          1. Just spent a couple minutes trying it on my LG MyTouch. I think it might be a little better than before. But doesn't seem actually to be designed for a smart phone -- kind of like trying to blend desktop and mobile and causing problems for both.

            Barryg's tip about double-clicking to make the screen fit works, and I really appreciate him telling us, but weird to have to keep double-clicking. I also assume that's a bug... When I hit reply (not easy to figure out how!) it zoomed back to such a huge font, wasn't readable.

            The main reason I'd want chowhound on my phone is to do a quick search (like for ordering ideas when I'm out to eat, or to remember what places have been recommended in an unfamiliar neighborhood, that kind of thing) or for my list of favorite topics. That does seem easier to do now, except for the giant font problem. (Based on only about two minutes experimenting with it.) I suppose if it were more user friendly, I might also use it for surfing around various discussions (like on do on my laptop), but it doesn't seem conducive to that.

            (And on my laptop -- I'm with everybody else on the other thread complaining about the gray on gray, too little content per page, wanting to keep user names, etc.)

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            1. re: mselectra

              Since "edit" isn't working -- Meant to add that, once I managed to sign in to the site on my phone, couldn't see anything indicating which were threads with new messages. I guess that's also a bug?

              And when I tried to get to my list of saved discussions etc, they didn't seem to be anywhere, and then the double-tapping stopped working... And now I'm going to stop messing with this for a while.

              1. re: mselectra

                I had the problem with edit not working as well. I experienced this both on the PC site.

                The problem on the mobile site (LG Optimus with Dolphin HD) is that the "reply/edit" buttons don't always appear when you tap the topic (not sure why they are hidden to begin with-- it's very counter intuitive). In fact, collapsed topics often don't expand when I tap them, either.

                Mr Taster

                1. re: mselectra

                  Bug/design flaw ... I believe the 'new' has been intentionally taken away. I suspect someone very, ah, experience-challenged thought it was by far too direct.

                  If you have good contrast on your monitor, you can tell by the color what's new vs old based on white vs grey. But it sounds like your colors run together like they do on one of my monitors. It's possible lighting is also a factor.

                2. re: mselectra

                  Must be designed for iPhone only because the majority of the complaints don't exist that I can tell.

                  1. re: melpy

                    It is Android's inheritance "feature". Imagine having to develop an app that has to work for the hundreds of brands x all the different screen sizes x the number of breed of dogs.


                    I'm interested to know the devices the CH team have used to test the app.