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Where oh where did all the Baggies go?

Okay, I admit that I may be in the 1% of US cooks who still use Baggies (the ones you seal with a twist tie) rather than exclusively using the plastic bags with zipper locks or the "press 'em together" plastic seal closures.

But I love my Baggies and use them in a bazillion ways. They have become impossible to find in my area (Minneapolis St. Paul) and even Amazon doesn't offer them. (At least I could not find them on Amazon.) Anyone else noticed this? Have Baggies become extinct? Can anyone recc a similar product?

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  1. I don't know of anything similar. Personally, I miss the old CutRite wax sandwich bags. Haven't seen them in years.

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      The wax paper bags are still available, although a bit hard to find. My local independent grocer stocks them.

      I particularly like them for storing cheese, but they have lots of uses.

    2. Acme in the Phila area has a house brand that fits the bill.

      1. In Chicago, if you keep your eye peeled on the bottom shelf of major supermarkets, you can usually find store brand 1 gallon "food storage" bags that close with a twistie, as well as sandwich bags (1 qt size?) with a foldover flap (but no sandwich size bags with twisties). It's what we use almost exclusively. I suspect that the same is true in the major supermarkets in the Twin Cities -- you will not necessarily find the "Baggie" brand but should be able to find the housebrand equivalent.

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          I am able to get Safeway branded baggies in Arizona and California. So much cheaper than zip lock bags!

        2. I use them too and couldn't find them last time I looked.
          You can still buy them here. https://reynoldsconsumerproducts.alic...

          1. Have you tried a dollar store? I have some that I think I got from there.

            1. Hmm, we have twist tie baggies in all the stores here in upstate NY. I have in my kitchen both the large and smaller size. Odd that it's not offered everywhere - I wonder why?

              1. Hey everyone,

                Thanks for the great responses.

                dcrb--I get those little wax paper bags at Whole Paycheck. They are a little pricey, so I use them mainly for cheese storage.

                Masha and Firecooked and sal_acid---I have been having trouble finding even the store brands! But I will redouble my efforts to find store brand "baggies" and when I do find them I intend to buy 2 dozen boxes.

                Wekick-Thanks for the link to Renolds products. I will order from them if I get desperate enough, although they charge more than I usually am willing to pay.

                JulieJ--I did buy some from a dollar store but the quality was dreadful. They stuck together and sometimes tore when I attempted to separate them. But I may try another box from another dollar store.

                Breadchick--Wish I had a trip planned soon to upstate NY :0)

                YOU GUYS RULE! Thanks so much for your help. And it's good to know I'm not the only person in the US who uses these bags :0)

                  1. My local Shop Rite had them the last time I looked. The think I like most about Baggies over the other store brands is that they're on a roll - much easier to use (and store) than the ones stuffed into a box!

                    1. Plenty of little Baggies here in southeast Wisconsin. When I lived in Missouri, the stores there didn't carry them and I used to ship myself a box full everytime I visited home.

                      1. You are not alone!!! I can't find them either! I live in Stillwater MN, and just looked today AGAIN, even at Cub where the used to be sold, also the dollar store out here and nothing without the zip lock top! Can't find them anywhere. They won't recycle zip lock tops, you have to cut them off!!! So why are they removing the good old Baggies from all the shelves? UNLINE carries a similar type but I believe you need an account there to place an order. Not sure what that involves. And you have to order a huge number. Help!

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                        1. re: kathymag

                          Hi kathymag,
                          I was having a wee little pity party just yesterday because I am almost out and have no idea where to get more. Huge, gigantic bummer.

                          Everyone---If you spot any Baggies, please post. I live in Minneapolis, MN.

                          Thanks VERY much!

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                            Hi Soccermom13, I have had more than one exchange with Cub Foods regarding BAGGIES and they are looking into it and will reply within a few days. Keep your fingers crossed!

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                              I hate when they stop stocking a treasured product (though, to be honest, I never found plastic baggies very useful personally--=what am I missing here?). Would some place like Lunds or Byerlys or Kowalski's that focus on customer service special order some for you?


                              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                TDQ---Great idea! I bet Lund's would do it.

                                Question for you---in case I have to live in a world with no Baggies :0) :

                                Here's a typical use for me---I am bringing to a coworker this am two frosting bags (piping bags) which of course I want to keep clean. I put them into a Baggie and sealed with a twister. I know I could have used a ziplock type bag but that's a lot more plastic to go into the waste stream and/or recycling and it's more expensive. What are some alternatives that I am probably not thinking of? (Yeah, I know, putting them into a reusable container like a Tupperware would have been the very best.....)


                                p.s. Ricepad---where is West Brom? Maybe it's roadtrip time :0)

                                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                  2 things..they used to be decided cheaper, so I used them to separate foods before throwing them into a Hefty Bag (the kind with zippers...I HATE zip-locks!) before throwing the stuff in the freezer. We are down to a household of 2 and most supermarket buys of meats are way too large. They are also good for holding my home-made bread

                                  2. Twist Ties..I'll be damned if I'm gonna buy them...but bread/roll/frozen veg all need them when the original plastic thingy breaks

                                2. re: soccermom13

                                  Do I perhaps misunderstand what you are looking for? I'm finding a number of apparent options online. Like these? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Value... It says in stock in your local St. Paul store, which I take to mean University Avenue, but, of course, I'd check ahead if I were you.

                                  Also, a couple of options on Amazon:





                                  Also, I have never used Lunds or Byerlys shop online service, but I often use the website to search for products just to see if they carry them or to look at the ingredients or get a sense of price. Anyway, they seem to have these. You might call to your local Lunds or Byerly's to see if they have them at that location. But it certainly seems like they can get some for you!


                                  Hefty Baggies Sandwich & Storage Bags
                                  with Ties
                                  150 ct
                                  $0.01 $2.19
                                  Price/ct Price
                                  Add to Cart: Hefty Baggies-Sandwich & Storage BagsSave to List: Hefty Baggies-Sandwich & Storage Bags ct

                                  Hefty Baggies Storage Bags - with Ties
                                  Gallon Size 11 1/2 x 12 3/16 inch
                                  75 ct


                                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                    When I check Amazon it says "not available"? PRESTO is also a source of similar NO ZIP bags, nice gallon size a little longer which is great. They are currently checking in the Twin City area in Minnesota. I always use a glass container when possible but plastic bags are sometimes necessary right? I also wash them and reuse! I still care about the landfills since my daughter's science fair revealed how many hundreds of years it takes to compost! I will however check Lunds/Byerly's etc. THANKS EVERYONE!!

                                    1. re: kathymag

                                      When you click on this link you get "not available?" I get, 10 left in stock.

                                      It also appears that Walmart carries them.


                                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                        I believe these are just the sandwich size? I'm looking more for the gallon size and no luck so far. ?? thank you! I will search more later and also have conversations going with a couple of sources, a supermarket in town and the company who makes Presto brand. If you do find the gallon size, please let us all know!

                                        1. re: kathymag

                                          Did you look at any of the links I provided above? Some are sandwich size, some are gallon sized. Here, for instance, is the gallon size at Amazon. 3 left in stock.



                                          1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                            THANK YOU!!! Last time I looked they were not available. No time to order right now, but will check it out tonight. thanks so much!

                                    2. re: The Dairy Queen

                                      Thanks much, TDQ. Some real leads here. Now I have to overcome my aversion to paying twice as much as I had to pay in "the old days."

                                      1. re: soccermom13

                                        Were you my twin in another life? I too am hesitant to pay so much more for them!

                                        1. re: kathymag

                                          Okay, Kathymag, I'll post here when I spot a Baggie or Baggie type bag for a decent price :0)

                                        2. re: soccermom13

                                          soccermom13, My husband just bought 4 boxes of quart size Baggies at the Lund's in Wayzata yesterday (9-6-14) and the gallon size Baggies are available at Coburns. I hope you can find a Lund's close to you!

                                    3. re: kathymag

                                      Uline accounts are easy - you just sign up with your name and address and email etc like any online shopping site. The only time you'd need to do more is if you were going to run a credit line with them, which you're not. You'll be paying via credit/debit card, and I think they also take paypal - I forget. I just bought like 4,000 small zip loc baggies for my crafts business. Don't let the fact they look "commercial" scare you - its just a normal online shopping site.

                                    4. More baggies in West Brom than you can shake a stick at...

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                                        NO FAIR! Where in the world is W Brom? Road trip is right!

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                                          That could be quite a road trip: West Brom is about 120 miles or so northwest of London, where the local football (soccer) team is known as The Baggies. Since soccermom13 is the OP, I thought it fitting to mention.

                                          1. re: ricepad

                                            Hi Ricepad,
                                            DD was a good soccer player who played for her college. When she was a sophomore in high school, we went to London for a vacation. DH took her to a soccer game, which was not even the highest level of soccer in England, and she was astonished to see the thousands and thousands of people at the game who clearly were passionate about soccer. Quite unlike the US at that time. Oh, and after the game they had the best fish and chips EVER at a little shop near the stadium. So good they made a return trip, with me in tow, the next day. And I loved them too :0)

                                            1. re: soccermom13

                                              There is absolutely NOTHING like an English professional football match for entertainment. The crowd is so close to the pitch that there's frequently interaction between the players and spectators, the hard core supporters (which at lower division teams means just about EVERYBODY) are singing their heads off, and you feel like you're part of all of it, not just a casual observer. It's truly intoxicating. But I digress. Chow-wise, most of the food is pretty atrocious AND expensive. Better to do what you did and grab something outside the stadium.

                                      2. If you get down as far as the Chicago area where our major chain market is Jewel, Jewel is still carrying the twist-and-tie bags in its house brand Essential Everyday, $2.99 for 75 gallon bags 10 x 14. I couldn't do without them. The shape is compressible so they take less room in the freezer than the zipper bags. See what you can find online. Also, the sandwich size is available at Jewel and also at local dollar stores.

                                        1. I got mine off of amazon.......check again

                                          1. in Los Angeles, in most of the regular grocery stores, they are given scant shelf space.
                                            called "food storage" bags

                                            usually one size bag (just a little too small to hold a loaf of bread)
                                            and usually one size in terms of how many bags in a box.

                                            i've noticed the scarcity too, and have devoted some of my precious garage space to a plastic bin stuffed with ONLY those bags.

                                            sometime the 99Cent stores/dollar stores have them