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Dec 11, 2012 04:36 AM

Where oh where did all the Baggies go?

Okay, I admit that I may be in the 1% of US cooks who still use Baggies (the ones you seal with a twist tie) rather than exclusively using the plastic bags with zipper locks or the "press 'em together" plastic seal closures.

But I love my Baggies and use them in a bazillion ways. They have become impossible to find in my area (Minneapolis St. Paul) and even Amazon doesn't offer them. (At least I could not find them on Amazon.) Anyone else noticed this? Have Baggies become extinct? Can anyone recc a similar product?

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  1. I don't know of anything similar. Personally, I miss the old CutRite wax sandwich bags. Haven't seen them in years.

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    1. re: dcrb

      The wax paper bags are still available, although a bit hard to find. My local independent grocer stocks them.

      I particularly like them for storing cheese, but they have lots of uses.

    2. Acme in the Phila area has a house brand that fits the bill.

      1. In Chicago, if you keep your eye peeled on the bottom shelf of major supermarkets, you can usually find store brand 1 gallon "food storage" bags that close with a twistie, as well as sandwich bags (1 qt size?) with a foldover flap (but no sandwich size bags with twisties). It's what we use almost exclusively. I suspect that the same is true in the major supermarkets in the Twin Cities -- you will not necessarily find the "Baggie" brand but should be able to find the housebrand equivalent.

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        1. re: masha

          I am able to get Safeway branded baggies in Arizona and California. So much cheaper than zip lock bags!

        2. I use them too and couldn't find them last time I looked.
          You can still buy them here. https://reynoldsconsumerproducts.alic...

          1. Have you tried a dollar store? I have some that I think I got from there.