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Dec 11, 2012 03:34 AM

Baking/cooling racks?

I am looking at SS baking racks for a half sheet pan. Sometimes the info will say 'not for oven use'. Why is that? What would be the harm of putting a stainless steel rack in the oven?

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  1. I have stainless steel racks for both half and quarter sheet pans. Have never had a problem with them, and use them all the time. Probably just some attorney advising the seller that someone, somewhere, brought a pseudo lawsuit about being harmed by stainless steel racks. My advice, ignore the comment.

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    1. re: trakman

      Thanks. One of them was called a 'baking rack' (as opposed to 'cooling rack') and then in the description said 'not for oven use. '. WHAT?

      Thanks again, I will quit thinking about it and just get the one that I think will work.

    2. If it is really made out of stainless steel, I don't see any problem putting it in the oven. A lot of things can be put in the oven: stainless steel, regular carbon steel, aluminum, even Teflon.....

      Maybe the stainless steel cooling racks have some plastic feet or something. I am not sure.