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Dec 11, 2012 01:43 AM

Dried Maldive Fish in Calgary?

I'm currently int the process of putting together a few Sri Lankan curries. In an effort to make an authentic coconut sambol, I'd like to procure some dried/pounded Maldive fish. It adds a similar element to a dish that a shrimp or crab past might in SE Asia.

Curious if anyone has seen this product anywhere in Calgary? I don't recall seeing it at T & T but I wasn't actually looking for it last time I was there.

Maybe somebody on 17th ave SE carries it? Not sure what my best options would be.....

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  1. There is a southern indian grocery store in the NE just off McKnight and Falconridge Blvd. Okay, scratch that- there are ton's of places there but this one stocks maldive fish (I bought some from there, it is called maldive chips and cost 5.99). I don't remember what it is called. But it had a red awning and is located in the the next block of shops west of Fruticana, the grocery store. Along with maldive chips, I also got rose essence there and other sri lankan goodies.

    It is located across from Le Jawab ( awesome indian hakka chinese food, btw) in the same block as Talwandi Video store but at the south end of the block. hard to explain- google map it so see location)

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      Thanks! Your post is much appreciated. I can't wait to dig around for some exotic goodies over there!