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Dec 10, 2012 11:58 PM

international coffee

i'm on a coffee kick! where can i get the best example of different cultures' coffee in toronto?

italian espresso-based drinks don't need to be included since espresso is pretty common lately

vietnamese coffee doesn't need to be included since i make a mean cup at home with the proper filter, sweetened condensed milk, and real vietnamese coffee brought back from vietnam.

i have a french press at home although i have no idea if this is how they actually make coffee in france.

i have tried ethiopian coffee in various restaurants around the city and love it.

have never tried turkish coffee - where can i get a good cup?

and other kinds of coffee?

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  1. haven't been in a couple years, but I recall Manic Coffee on College had offered some harder to find beans that you can get brewed with their Clover machine...wonder if they still do that?

    if so, it's not really coffee brewed authentic to a specific culture obviously, but may give exposure to different types of beans brewed with what is supposed to be a good machine (i'm not discerning enough to be able to appreciate a cup that could run upwards of $10-15)

    1. I would recommend the coffee bar in the Longos store at maple leaf square. There is quite a bit variety at this store and I have even bought Kopi Luwak in a small quantity to try (didn't appreciate it though) and the sales person is quite knowledgeable there.

      1. This is Polish Socialist Era coffee:
        Dump regular coffee grounds into glass. Pour on hot water. Let stand a moment and drink, making sure not to get (too many) grounds in your mouth. Add some milk or sugar if desired. Also, always drunk out of a glass. With the economic changes after 1990, this style of coffee has been often replaced with filter or expresso machine coffee in cities.

        1. If you don't mind brewing your own, the Green Beanery has beans, both roasted and green from all over.

          1. Try Coffee Tree (Bloor West Village), they carry beans from different locales.

            Tried a few limited reserves available.