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Dec 10, 2012 10:26 PM

Scandanavian vegetarian entree? (esp. one good for Christmas Eve)

For Christmas Eve, I want to make a Scandinavian meal with some recipes I got from Epicurious. Ideally I'd make some kind of fish dish for the main entree but i've had some food allergies lately and have to skip that option. I don't eat meat other than fish/seafood, which is not an option right now. Is there anything I could substitute as the main course? We plan to make a beet salad, potatoes, maybe some red cabbage, and rice pudding for dessert. Thank you!

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  1. My first thought was erte suppe. It's a split yellow pea soup. Kind of like green split pea soup with a few different spices. That may not work as a main, though. I lived in Norway once and that was a very traditional meal, followed by crepes with a blueberry filling. It always had bits of ham in it but that can easily be left out.

    I attended a party during the holidays there where they had a 'caldt bor', which means cold table. All kinds of breads and different things to make open face sandwiches. Lots of meats, of course, but also many cheeses. Maybe you could reconfigure your dinner to start with good breads and cheeses, the beet salad and other cold things - like deviled eggs, etc., then move on to soup, and finish with rice pudding?

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        Not a bad idea, I will look up the soup. Thank you!

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          Those pancakes look great, thank you!

        2. Another thought,

          Maybe lefse, cooked in rounds and stuffed with something like you would fill a crepe? Mushroom, whatever. and topped with a sauce? Not a true Norwegian type dish as I experienced food there (although it may exist elsewhere in Scandinavia) but at least a Scandinavian inspired dish...

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            Thanks. I just looked up lefse. It looks good. I'd have to come up with a filling. I'm not too good at doing that kind of thing on my own but can look up some recipes and see if I can modify an existing recipe. Thank you!

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              I'd love to hear what you come up with if you decide to do it. The only filling I can think of would be mushrooms, squash, onions, and cheese. Maybe some spinach or chard, etc. Think veggie sandwich. With a bechamel or cheese bechamel sauce. I'm not too good at fillings either.

              Maybe someone else can throw some ideas out.

              I make a thicker version of lefse (called an Irish potato scone by James Beard) that I always serve with vegetable soup...

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                We decided to get takeout, got lazy. I still would like to make this meal though and mushroom, onion, and cheese filling sounds good!

          2. This is a Rene Redzepi recipe - not traditional, but interesting!

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              That looks really interesting, thank you!

            2. I also agree with the split pea soup. I was going to do a Swedish Xmas Eve this year for everything, but decided to only do a Swedish cookie spread. That soup was going to be part of the plan, along with Jansson's Temptation and gravlax with rye bread.

              Epicurious has a recipe for the soup. Just don't use the salt pork during cooking (the rest of the meats are to serve alongside the soup).


              Also search for one by Marcus Samuelsson - I'm sure I've seen one floating around. Soup is a great option b/c it is make ahead too. Less work the day of is always a plus, in my opinion!

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                I just had Jansson's, made with the proper anchovis, by a Swede. Possibly one of the world's top ten dishes.

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                  Oh the cookie thing sounds great. The soup recipe looks good, thank you!