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Dec 10, 2012 09:59 PM

Bangalore - recs near the University

Dear Bangalorean Hounds,

I'm at a conference near Bangalore University, down in the SW of the city. It seems like a bit of a wasteland around here. I'm sufficiently determined to satisfy my gastronomic needs that I don't mind getting autos to convey me to decent dinner in the centre (for which I've already got lots of recs from this site) but this can involve quite an amount of traffic jam pain, depending on the time of day I venture out.

But maybe I'm missing some jewels around the University area? Any help very much appreciated.


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  1. I'm likely too late but you are not too far from Eagleton Golf Course, it's not the pinacle of fine food in Bangalore but it's also not too bad. I liked going out there when I lived in Bangalore as it was a respite from the noise and congestion... and the golf wasn't too bad either.

    Other than this I don't know of much in the SW, I am more familiar with the Koramangala, Belandur and central Bangalore options.

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      Bangalore is such a great food city, IMO, that I didn't mind going *anywhere* to eat after work each evening when I was there earlier this year - even braving hour-long traffic jams :-D