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Dec 10, 2012 08:54 PM

Elusive Thai soup?

My favorite Thai/Lao restaurant serves a soup that the menu calls 'Tom Ginger' but I've found no such thing on the internet... It's a spicy chicken soup with a clear broth that tastes of ginger and lime. I want to make my own, can anyone help?

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  1. Look up Tom Yum Gai. That's my guess.

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    1. re: seamunky

      That sounds about right, do you know a good recipe?

      1. re: magiesmom

        Close, but with tomatoes and mushrooms and such...

      2. Try this omitting the roasted chilli paste and substituting chicken for shrimp...

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        1. re: ARenko

          Forgot to add...

          I'd eliminate the tamarind water and adjust limes to desired sourness.

        2. I've never had that, but I guess I will try to find it. Based on what you said, I did a search for 'Tom khing' (I think khing is the Thai equivalent for ginger'). Here is a link to a recipe I found: