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Dec 10, 2012 08:38 PM

How to see more than 5 pages on iPhone?

When viewing discussion categories on my phone, I see five red dots at the bottom of the page instead of page numbers. I can't figure out how to see more than the five pages in each category represented by the red dots. How do I browse additional pages?

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  1. Still looking for an answer - does anyone else have five red circles as the only navigation tool when mobile? I have that instead of page numbers and would like to be able to see all the pages in a particular thread. Any ideas?

    1. Yes! I exclusively use my phone and frequently look for additions to previous posts. Is 5 it?

      1. Looks like the numbered pages are still available on the profile page. Profile page was a bear to find though.

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        1. re: melpy

          Can you point me to the profile page? I used to scroll through tons of pages a day and the five is quite limiting!

          1. re: brirock

            Here's your profile page,

            You can navigate to it by clicking on your own name as the author of a post or on iPhone, clicking on the red square symbol in the upper left corner of the page, then on your name that appears in the upper left corner.

            But probably not that helpful in your case with a two-thread history, it's only one page.

            If the site designers insist on not using words or numbers on the mobile/iPhone version, perhaps they could place an arrow to the right of the rightmost red/clear circle as a "next page" button to allow navigation to more than 5 pages of the board index.

          2. re: melpy

            Maybe I missed it yesterday, but looks like an exception to the no release of design changes on Fridays policy was to do away with numbers on Profile pages. Just the red dot and circles now for navigation.

            Guess we shouldn't have highlighted a feature we wanted to keep. Gone now.

          3. There is a way to see more than 5 pages on the mobile site.

            First let me explain that the mobile site provides a streamlined experience that attempts to provide most users with what they seek most of the time. We found that 1/10th of a percent of our page views are ever to board pages beyond 100 posts. 100 posts is now what's easily accessible on the mobile site.

            If you want to see more pages, you can do it, but it's a little more entailed so more for power users. Basically you have to edit the URL directly to indicate which page you want to visit. At the end of the URL for any board you would like to visit, you simply add "?page=6" to visit page 6 for example. So the full URL for page 6 of the site talk board would be ""

            I've attached a screen shot as an example.

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            1. re: meshane

              Thanks - changing the URL for each page beyond five just seems cumbersome. When browsing through the Home Cooking board, for example, I might be interested in maybe five posts on a page. Reading just a few posts per page goes pretty quickly when there are only five pages to look through!

              It sounds like there are quite a few things that need to be addressed with the new design, but hopefully this will be kept on the list for the next round of changes. "Optimized" though it may be, I am not a fan and it seems like I have far less access to content.

              Thanks all who chimed in.

              1. re: meshane

                Thanks for the tip. I understand your initial logic for the 5 pages but given you have made threads like COTM and DOTM unsticky and there is no easy way to get to them on mobile we do either need to scroll through more than five pages or have a way to access them somehow else.
                Also, I posted in another thread but on an iPhone how can I get to discussions I have starred? At the moment I have two or three browser windows open on different threads i am browsing but not posting on so I don't lose them.

                1. re: Frizzle

                  I just figured out how to get to starred discussions so ignore that question.

                  1. re: Frizzle

                    Ha, I was writing my answer as you told me not to. Hopefully someone else will find the info useful.

                  2. re: Frizzle

                    Thanks for your feedback Frizzle.

                    We will definitely continue to make adjustments and hope to refine the experience.

                    As for COTM and DOTM, these threads are very active and typically will be visible among the most recent 125 threads. (We've just increased the number of threads per page to 25 from 20.) Another quick way to find them might be to use the new "REPLIES" button at the top to sort by threads with the most replies in the last month. COTM and DOTM are popular enough that they will typically make it to the first page in that sort fairly quickly.

                    I hope this helps somewhat with your concern. Let us know if you do run into a case where 5 pages isn't enough to find those threads.

                    As to your question regarding discussions you have starred, they go to your profile page page under Following > Discussions. You can get to your profile page by clicking on the big red menu box in the upper left corner, and then clicking on your username.

                  3. re: meshane

                    seriously? this is what you want your users to do each time?

                    1. re: meshane

                      I don't mean to sound harsh but this "feature" is one of the dumbest ones I've ever heard of.

                      There is a Website called Google that implements a feature called "Internet Search." They similarly have research that shows that most users find search results within the first few pages of search results. In fact, they try very hard to make sure that users don't need to go beyond the first few pages when looking at results.

                      But they don't build a UI which forces users to manually edit URLs to enable basic site navigation.

                      They use a feature known in Internet circles as "Previous" and "Next". Try it, it's free.

                      Seriously, this is the second time (at least) you've broken basic site navigation by doing this on mobile. Can you please fix?

                    2. Please please please consider giving us a "next page" button rather than the 5 page only navigation. My chowhound reading has gone WAY down and I miss the old setup!

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                      1. re: brirock

                        I agree. The powers that be need to give some thought to making it easier to scan the Home Cooking message index, the board that has the highest posting traffic. Five pages barely covers the latest 2 days worth of posts. Instead of only serving average uses, good design also needs to consider notable exceptions such as that very active page.

                        Why make it so hard to access content? Surely the designer's ego is not so fragile that a "next" button will lead to leaping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

                        1. re: brirock

                          We're working on a change that will make seeing more content easier on mobile devices. It might take a few weeks, but stay posted. Thanks, Meredith

                          1. re: mudaba

                            I may be missing something, but when I click on "Chowhound" from the main menu on my iPhone I don't get even five pages. All I see is 25 threads, total, with no way to go to a second page. In checking this out over the past couple of days, the last of the 25 posts available to me was posted as long ago as 14 minutes or as recently as six minutes ago. I hope that in considering easier access to content on mobile that we'll have access to more than a few minutes worth of discussions here as well.

                            1. re: JoanN

                              Yep, that's how the "Chowhound" page appears for me too since the redesign. Unlike profile pages and the board indices, it does not have the five circles on the bottom for navigating, so you only can view the first page.