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Dec 10, 2012 08:15 PM

Are you drinking less milk?

I don't drink milk, certainly not as a beverage, but do enjoy yogurt and ice cream. Never have been a big milk drinker.

But it appears that milk consumption has declined in recent years.

According to the WSJ:

Per-capita U.S. milk consumption, which peaked around World War II, has fallen almost 30% since 1975, even as sales of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have risen, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics. The reasons include the rise in popularity of bottled waters and the concern of some consumers that milk is high in calories.

Read the whole article here:


Are you drinking less milk?

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  1. I use a half gallon a week. Just for coffee and tea. Sometimes cereal. Amazes me where it all goes.

    1. I've started using almond milk in place of regular milk and don't really notice or mind the difference.

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      1. re: calumin

        Same here - I have been drinking almond milk for about a year or so, and love that's it's rich and low calorie at the same time.
        And it's high in calcium, and lactose free. Takes care of all my needs in milk.
        And (New Yorkers, don't read any further) with a little Fox's UBet, it makes a pretty passable egg cream.

        1. re: calumin

          I've always thought that almond milk would taste like almonds -- not so?

          1. re: blue room

            No it tastes very different. Milky but not in an almondy way. Its hard to describe but I would recommend buying some to try.

            1. re: blue room

              Some brands taste a little more almondy than others . Almond Breeze is the most neutral flavor, to me.

          2. I've made it a point to drink more whole milk and eat plenty of dairy and not worry about the fat- it works well for me, and I don't have weight or cholesterol problems. I'll drink a glass of whole milk at least once every day, use it in cereal and oatmeal, and I snack on various cheeses (swiss, muenster, brie, etc) and full-fat greek yogurt. I like to bake cheese bureks, Italian-style cheesecakes using ricotta instead of cream cheese, and I drink lots of hot chocolate (I make my own using splenda instead of sugar- I never use a pre-packaged mix).

            I go through roughly a gallon of milk a week. Thank goodness for active lactase genes.

            1. We don't drink less milk, but have been alternating with factory milk and local milk from grass fed cattle. It's a LOT more expensive, but I feel better not indirectly drinking so much growth hormone and GMO grains.

              1. Somewhat. I've moved from low fat to whole milk and I drink a bit less to compensate for the added calories.