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What are some good restaurants to eat lobster at?

What are some good restaurant to eat lobster at? I'm fairly new to lobster-eating, so ideally I'd like somewhere that serves me the lobster meat without me having to work hard to crack the shells.

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  1. Luke's lobster in the EV for excellent New England lobster rolls.

    1. If Oriental Garden is still good, Oriental Garden.

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        OG is still an excellent place for Lobster.

      2. If you are looking for something other than simply steamed with butter on the side...I would suggest any restaurant in Chinatown. They all crack and section the lobster off for you to make for easy removal of the meat and they offer sauce options. I suggest steamed with Ginger and Scallions or with Black Bean Sauce.

        1. I've eaten lobsters many a time around the city and I can truly say the best preparation for my tastes is at Nougatine -the more casual counterpart to Jean Georges-Well executed without any shell and a very good sized portion to boot!

          1. My favorite lobster preparations have been at Bouley.

            1. For a basic (and large!) boiled lobster with butter, The Palm or Palm Too across the street works.

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                I tried to edit boiled to broiled, but the edit feature is not working.

              2. I love the broiled lobster at El Quijote at the Chelsea Hotel, on West 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue. They take a lobster, split it down the middle, put buttered bread crumbs on each half and stick it under the broiler until it turns hot and bubbley. You get a choice of homemade soup or salad, potato or vegetable and the 1 1/4 lb. lobster for under $25.00. Make sure you sit in the front room so you can enjoy the scene and check out the fabulously funky wallpaper. It is a Spanish resteraunt, opened in 1930, but I always opt for their broiled lobster -- it's never let me down! Good food and a bit of history included by dining there. Enjoy!


                1. Try the lobster with burrata appetizer at Marea.

                  Lincoln used to have an amazing lobster pasta but it wasn't on the menu when I dined there a few weeks ago.

                  1. I'll add the chili lobster from Marc Forgione. It's an appetizer, but what the hell...it's delicious.

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                      I second the chili lobster dish at Marc Forgione. The Palm's lobsters are huge, they barely fit on the table, but i like their lobsters. Pontes once took all the lobster meat out of the shell for me ( had a hand injury) and made a great dish they call "angry lobster". Francisco's across from Chelsea hotel also as is El Quixote, has the biggest lobsters ever on the universe. No really. They have 8-18 lb lobsters,,,they have shells hanging from 23 lb lobsters,,, They are pretty amazing and the meat isn't tough, and all those little legs are huge on these big guys. The claws are bigger than my fist,, Other than that I had a lobster at Ed's the other night and it was very good.

                    2. Pete Wells' review in today's NYTimes mentions the lobster at Royal Seafood in Chinatown, where $15 buys a whole lobster, "hacked into sections."


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                        Try the Typhoon Lobster (Typhoon Lobster: Ground Pork, Egg, Curry Leaves, Crispy Garlic) at Wong's on Cornelia. It's allegedly for 2, but I eat it by myself and am very happy. Not overpriced, either.