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Dec 10, 2012 07:59 PM

Early Eulogy for Henry's Tacos?

According to the establishment's owner, Henry's Tacos will be shuttering its windows December 31, barring "a Christmas miracle." Although it figures among "the most divisive" restaurants among the culinary cognoscenti (i.e., those with the taste and wisdom to post upon these boards), to this Knight of the 'Hound Table it is a vintage Los AngeleƱo icon, and would be a loss felt just as keenly as that of Tail o' the Pup or the Brown Derby.

Say what you will about the cuisine...and I for one will say that Henry's tacos are nearly worthy of idolatry, as the veritable godhead of the Gringo Taco and the progenitor of hundreds of imitators from Taco Bell to your mom's family Taco Night: the shell always reliably crisp, the sweetly oniony ground beef moist and juicy without being greasy, the shredded lettuce cool and crisp, and the always-fresh tomato perfectly sliced and ripened; I will say further that Henry's bean and cheese burrito is among the best of its genre, dusky and savory with a tortilla of admirable constitution; with the addition of the aforementioned ground beef it becomes an equally definitive iteration of the increasingly rare ground beef and bean "combo" burrito...say what you will, but even if you choose not to dine there, surely merely motoring past it and seeing its incomparable Googie signage must raise in you a feeling of heart-lightening admiration, if not outright worshipfulness, for the prowess of our humble megalopolis's midcentury designers? And for that reason if no other, the corner of Tujunga and Moorpark should surely remain unmarred, unstained, unchanged, just as we remember it from our gauzy youth?

Perhaps, now that Elijah Wood--he who fictionally carried the One Ring to the Cracks of Doom against all odds--has become involved in a last-minute campaign to save Henry's, a miracle is possible, and the ancient and noble line of Gringo Tacos will not fade and dwindle in the next Age of this world. I, Don MIguel de Los Angeles no McDonalds, will be among those proselytizing and praying for such a miracle until the bitter end.

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  1. I join in your ode/eulogy to Henry's. It's what I grew up eating. Yes, I can get more authentically Mexican tacos from any number of trucks or sidewalk grill tables, but Henry's is a different being altogether. I've been going there for 35 years, and would like nothing better than to be able to go there for another 35.

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      Sound like the owner would like the place to continue in the hands of some other responsible party, but the landlord has other plans.

    2. They will now be open until Jan 15th giving a possible new owner time to reach an agreement with the landlord. The possible new owner has said that, if he takes over, he will keep the staff that has worked there for decades. You can sign the petition along side with 5,824 others to save Henry's Tacos at this link:
      Happy Holidays.