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Dec 10, 2012 07:36 PM

Best moderate to cheap restaurants within walking distance of Mosconi?

I will be in town and without a lot of time - most of my free time will be spent getting to and eating the great food in SF. Last time I really enjoyed the market at the port. What are your favorite restos within walking distance (i.e. 1/2 hr walking or less) downtown? I'm from Boston, so cuisines I would love to hit that I'm not getting so much here include Sichuanese, dim sum, Mexican, Japanese bar food, sushi. Thanks-

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  1. I'm a fan of Samovar Tea Lounge for lunch. Also near Moscone is Ame which is fabulous for its crudo and Anchor & Hope for great seafood.

    Honestly, within a half-hour walk you have a GAZILLION choices; from Chinatown to North Beach and all of downtown. San Francisco is only seven miles from end-to-end so there is a lot to choose from.

    You might want to do a search for Union Square, Embarcadero, and Moscone and see the previous suggestions. It is a topic that often discussed...

    1. Ebisu for Sushi would be the place to go. We like the dim sum at Yank Sing but that is not cheap. The Westfield Center has a food court that you may want to check out. Tropisueno is also walking distance but not cheap. You can just walk to chinatown and find cheap places to eat.

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        my understanding is that Chinatown doesn't have good Chinese food.

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          This may be trueish in general, especially if you just wander in as a tourist without specific recommendations, but Z&Y, as suggested for Sichuan, is good.

      2. Taqueria Cancun at the SW corner of Market/6th. Hole in the wall, inexpensive, best for lunch. I get the al pastor burrito. Sister taco shop won a bi-annual burrito fest comp.

        Pearl Burger next door is pretty good.

        1. The El Tonayense taco truck at Spear and Folsom is about 15 minutes from Moscone.

          Z&Y for Sichuan, 20 minutes.

          Yank Sing's not cheap but it's the best dim sum in that area.

          1. just to clarify I meant Japanese bar food, not bar food and Japanese food. :)

            and thanks so far.