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in case the cultural centers / churches have missed something that chowhound doesn't, guess there are no
Estonian, or
restaurants in Vancouver?

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    1. I had a hair stylist who's Estonian, I could ask her if I ever saw her again at the salon.

      The much-missed "The William Tell" restaurant slash institution which was in downtown was Swiss-inspired in accordance to the owner's roots:


      1. thanks the same fmed!
        and thanks heaps LotusRapper! and yes please!

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          Don't hold your breath on that Latvian lead. She cut my hair a couple times (over a 4-year period) since she works part-time, I don't even remember her name, other than the fact she said she's from Latvia (cuz I asked her if her accent is Russian).

          But good luck anyway.

        2. thanks the same LotusRapper

          1. Are you telling me you've never been to Luxembourg Stadt?

            1. there's this place in Sidney BC (nr victoria, close to the ferry terminal )


              and i assume you've contacted this organization - maybe they have some leads http://www.swiss-society.org/

              and it looks like tonite TUE is Estonian nite at the christmas market in vanc

              and have you contacted this group to see if they have food events?

              and i think you earlier asked about scandinavia

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              1. Brokentelephone: I actually have been to Luxembourg but my foodie buds haven't yet! ;-p

                GS: I have contacted the Swiss, Scandinavian, and Estonian groups and you're ahead of me on the Lithuanians!

                LotusRapper: Just did a bigger shop than expected at Swedish market at Ikea! Their range is way more than what they show online!

                Know can count on Chowhound! Thanks heaps again everyone! cheers

                1. and i think you also asked about Wales (Welsh food)

                  that's a great idea about ikea - i try to avoid that place (the intent to buy one box of "cheap" candles turns in to 200 bucks.)

                  1. Tanks GS! contacted them too! and I hear ya on staying away from Ikea! ;-p

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                      IKEA, Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's ....... all fall into the same unintended mega-spending category ;-)

                    2. LR:especially around x'mas time!