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Dec 10, 2012 07:11 PM

Where should I go for my holiday dinner now that Bridge Cafe is closed?

Three old friends and I get together each year for a holiday dinner. In the past we have gone to places like Rolfs and Petes Tavern. This year was supposed to be Bridge Cafe, but Hurricane Sandy had other ideas.

We are flexible on cuisine. As you can tell from our past choices, we are big on classic New York City places that are not tourist magnets. The restaurant must accept reservations. We also would be willing to spend more this year if necessary.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The Waterfront Ale House or Molly's are, I think, a lot like Pete's and Rolf's, atmosphere-wise. Food's good at both - I prefer Waterfront because the menu's more to my taste, there, but many people love the burgers at Molly's.

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      Thanks, I like both of those places (Molly's burger is, in fact, very good).

      I think we were looking for some place a little nicer. With Bridge Cafe in mind, any other suggestions out there?

    2. Fraunces Tavern, Keen's.

        1. Try Knickerbocker's Bar and Grill, 33 University Place @ 9th. Street. Great food, festive and a real NYC local restaurant that is not a toursit trap. I've never had a bad meal here -- their steaks are incredible. You might even and get lucky and run into "Mr. Big", as he lives across the street and is there all the time. Happy Holidays!

          1. I think Keens would be perfect. You have the choice of the pub or restaurant depending on budget, but this is about as old New York as it gets, and the food is great.

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              i think knickerbocker is the call. i neglected to mention that we had done keen's in the past, so that was right up our alley. really looking forward to knickerbocker, and i will let you know my thoughts!