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Dec 10, 2012 06:42 PM

Gift card - suggestions for nice restaurant for couple

We'd like to get some friends a gift card for a nice dinner for two. We were thinking somewhere in DC or the Silver Spring area although will consider other areas. We are looking for something special. No particular requirements for type of restaurant. Thinking of 150 - 200 gift card to cover dinner for two with a few drinks or a bottle of wine. I'm not very familiar with the area. Is there a must experience place that I should send them?

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  1. If you are looking to have the gift certificate cover the entire meal, I would consider Bibianna, Elisir or Brasserie Beck.

    Other great restaurants to consider (but perhaps it wouldn't cover the full costs, depending on what they order): The Source or Equinox.

      1. Here are some of the places I've enjoyed within the past year. The Source and Ris were recent enough that I could still look up our total bill; both came to just under $200 for appetizer, entree, and dessert for two plus wines by the glass. (But I now recall that our bill at The Source didn't include dessert.)

        Blue Duck
        The Source

        more than a year ago I've had nice meals at:
        New Heights

        I've never been to Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring but I feel comfortable recommending it based on my experiences at other Ray's Restaurants.

        1. What about Birch and Barley? I wonder if you can use a gift card for that restaurant group at any of them (Vermillion is also excellent, but in Old Town).
          We got a gift card to VOLT for our wedding and we are coming up on our two year anniversary and haven't used it, but the thought was nice (though, $300 would have been more helpful!).

          1. Tosca is wonderful...great atmosphere and Italian food. If they had the pre-theater menu (order by 6:30 7 days a week) it's $37 for 3 courses, a wonderful bargain for such a nice dining experience. They could easily afford a nice bottle of wine too if they did that. it's at 11th and F downtown.