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Dec 10, 2012 06:21 PM

Must be some eye test thing

I hate the new format.
Titles are ridiculously big so I can't see as many topics on a page any more.
There's a lot of wasted white space between topics.
It just feels amateurish...only thing I can think of is it was redesigned for tablets/phones.
But then the font in this new post window is tiny and ugly (times roman?). Ditto the tiny title in this new post.

You guys know you can do different style sheets for phones/tablets vs. computers right? :-P

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  1. yup
    don';t like it at all

    1. I'm a bit blind when reading and use reading glasses. The new Titles for posts can be read by me from 3 ft away with out my glasses.

      So yes, TOO BIG!!

      1. Thank goodness I'm on an iPad where I can make things larger, otherwise I would need a magnifying glass!
        Don't you look at these web designs before you do away with the old and add the new? I know we tend to resist change,but this is rediculious!

        1. I was just looking at it on my phone. i can't even get to my profile.

          and why is there a line of preview for each reply on a thread? so busy! what purpose does that serve?

          it really makes one wonder who they actually tested this all out on. and they're proud of it?

          as someone said, it's THEIR site, and in truth, it's JUST A WEBSITE, it's not LIFE OR DEATH, and we'll all adjust, but... how annoying. and ugly.

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          1. re: mariacarmen

            To get to your profile click the red box at the top left with the 3 lines in it and then click on your name.

            1. re: TeRReT

              when i click on the red box it literally takes up almost half the screen on my phone and does not let me see, nor scroll around to be abe to see, where my name is.

          2. And the font in Edit is like crayon.