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Dec 10, 2012 06:19 PM


We're planning to drive over and spend a night with friends in Old Naples, taking them out to dine Saturday evening. I see Bha Bha has relocated to the area and as we enjoyed them in the old location, we're considering trying the new one. Is it still good, is there anything new we should check out?

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  1. Ok , our group of four dined there this evening and it was a mixed bag. This is yet another restaurant that has expended all it's innovation and skill on its apps, leaving the mains merely adequate. We all felt the main courses were cooked beautifully but tasted very bland. We are unlikely to return but if we do, we will stick to ordering appetizers.

    1. I'm sure your trip is long over but I felt compelled to respond. We loved Bha Bha in the old location, but tried it in the new one and had a terrible time. Our food took about 45 minutes and even then it was evident that the waiter had forgotten to put in the order for one entree in our party. Food was cold/heated under heatlamps by the time we got it. A very expensive disaster. We would never go back.

      1. Make it easy on yourself. If you like Italian go to Tulia on Fifth Ave. Call ahead as you will need reservation.