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Dec 10, 2012 06:08 PM

Who has a fabulous cookie recipe involving dark chocolate and almonds?

My best friend of over twenty years is not much of a cook or baker. Plus, she has a demanding full-time job and two children under four. So, last year after she posted on Facebook that she wished she had time to bake cookies for the holidays, I took it upon myself to become her Cookie Fairy. I ran with it and delighted in being Cookie Fairy to a few friends who I felt were especially in need of one. Baking cookies and mailing them off were my favorite part of the holidays last year. So, BFF posted on FB again tonight saying she wishes she had time to bake cookies. I reminded her she posted the same thing last year, and we laughed and she told me her husband "made her do it". I was planning on Cookie Fairy-ing her again anyway, but asked if her DH had any requests. Dark chocolate and almonds. Well, he is a man after my own heart, because I love that combo myself! I would love to hear any recipes that include both - and recipes that include both with additional features. Thanks!

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    1. Biscotti? I use this Williams Sonoma recipe w/ almonds instead of hazelnuts.

      1. These are very dark and keep well. I add 2 T. of butter so they aren't quite as hard.

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          HA! For a second, I feared you and I were recommending the same recipe but it turns out, no. Mine is Ottolenghi's florentine recipe as tweaked by Lebovitz.


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            It must be a solid idea for so many to have a version of it....

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              I am toddler-free today and FINALLY getting my tush into the kitchen for some baking today. Thanks for this biscotti recipe. I am on it!

              And I am planning on using your extra butter tip.

              The Florentines look fantastic, but I am afraid they won't ship as well. They look simple enough, though, to bake off one batch - for me!

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                HA! Somehow I missed that you'd be shipping these cookings,but I'm glad you decided to make the florentines for yourself.


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            Correction: Don't add the butter I recommended - it reduces the keeping power of these biscotti - they deteriorate much too quickly with the butter added!

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              Ruh roh. I already baked them with the butter. I am going to ship tomorrow and since it is already almost Christmas, I am sure they will be eaten right away. When you say "deteriorate quickly", what do you mean? Will they be okay for three to five days?

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                Mine just became a little....spongy? Maybe I did something else wrong. I'm sure yours will be fine...the flavor is very good. Did you try one? Gosh, I hope I didn't steer you or anyone else astray with my change....

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                  The flavor is great! I gave hubs several bits I cut off before the second bake and he thought they were great - and he usually likes a sweeter cookie. Although he did say that when you hit a chocolate chip it is better. Not wanting to eat too many before I send them off, I allowed us to split one after the second bake. Much better then, of course, because they had that crispness you want in biscotti. My friend never cooks and usually eats Entenmann' s....I won't worry too much if they become a little sspongy on her. But, maybe next time I will try without the butter. Thanks again!

          3. Hint: For something extra dark, use Cocao Barry Extra Brute cocoa and then add bittersweet chocolate in pieces.

            1. Don't let the Food Network web site drive you away; this recipe is from Caprial Pence, a well-respected chef from Oregon. (Also ignore the two reviews; the batter is a bit runny but all you need to do is let it rest 10 minutes or so before scooping out your cookies). To fit your parameters, I would eliminate the white chocolate chips and double up on the dark; Also, substitute almonds for the pecans. The cookie base itself is drop-dead delicious and no matter what you put in it (I've subbed in a lot of different things), it is a winner.