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Dec 10, 2012 06:01 PM

Where to buy caviar in Pittsburgh?

Looking to try caviar for the first time and wondering where to find quality caviar in Pittsburgh. All I've been able to find is the cheap stuff at Giant Eagle. I'm looking to try something like sturgeon or paddlefish.

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  1. I would try Penn Ave Fish Company in the Strip. While they sell some beautiful seafood, I'm not sure if they also sell caviar. I have noticed that they have it on the menu and in different dishes.

    1. try Wholeys strip, market district settlers cabin whole foods wexford. according to google "markeys" is coming to the burg is '13 and they sell it?

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        Thanks. What is Markeys? Never heard of it.

      2. I ended up finding it at Costco down the Waterfront. $67 for 1.75 ounces with a mother of pearl spoon included.

        1. I've tried quite a range of caviar, including beluga and sevruga, but personally I honestly think that sushi-grade salmon caviar has a much better taste, is more versatile, more consistent (sometimes you'll get expensive sevruga that's too salty to eat) and less unpleasantly fishy than some of them can be. It's also about a fifth of the cost. You can buy some in Pittsburgh at the Tokyo grocery on Ellsworth in Shadyside (tobiko flying fish caviar is also wonderful) or have it shipped to you from Zabars in NYC. Zabars will also ship Beluga and Sevruga if you're determined to find out for yourself, and even after shipping you'll end up paying less and getting a better quality product than you'll likely find around here. If money's no object, try some of their smoked fish too, salmon, sable... yummm!

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            I'm too cheap to pay the mail order prices but thanks for the tip on the the caviar at Tokyo grocery. When in NYC earlier this year I was in heaven wish the smoked fish I got from Russ & Daughters!