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Dec 10, 2012 05:58 PM

Burlington Ontario restaurants

We're looking to meet another couple for dinner in the next two weeks around the Burlington area since we are driving in from West Toronto and they are coming from St.Catharines. We would refer not to pay more than $125 per couple.

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  1. Blacktree - arguably one of the best restaurants in Ontario. Chef Matteo is a master of fusion cooking. Be prepared for a delicious culinary journey. Lots of reviews on this site... all favourable. Up your price per couple and you will not be disappointed.

    Red Canoe Bistro - Locavore menu with seasonal variation to the menu. Small, intitmate setting with exquisite cuisine.

    The Alex - Tapas style dining. Small, appetizer sized portions gives you the ability to try several different dishes.

    Spencers on the Waterfront - Nice dining venue with great view of the lake. They excel at steaks, wood oven pizza, some game meats and pasta. Very popular requiring reservations in advance. Also a great Sunday brunch location.

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      I was at Blacktree last week. One of my top meals of the year.
      The foie gras with apple tarte tatin was sensational.
      But, fair warning (as mentioned by cynalan) the prices here are higher than your target price. But well worth the upgrade (IMO).

    2. Not in Burlington, but, between those two locations is Memphis Fire BBQ. Probably my current favourite for BBQ food in Ontario (partly because I live too far from Buster Rhinos).

      Regarding Burlington itself, I haven't eaten too much downtown but the Monforte on Brant street close to the QEW is one of the better Monforte's around (it is one of the earlier locations) - Mediterranean cuisine.

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        Doesn't sound like these places are what you're looking for..Montforts is good, but these are take out or super casual dining...
        Absolutely Blacktree, Spencer's is great location, decent food, Carriage House another option downtown...

      2. This isn't a reply but just wanted to update info on Burlington.

        Spencers at the Waterfront has an excellent Sunday brunch buffet that rivals Las Vegas buffets. $43 (plus tax) includes 3 drinks (sparkling wine and cocktails and non-alc smoothies included).
        Amazing view of Lake Ontario and tasty food. Great service and live music.

        I'd also make the drive to Dundas for Quatrefoil which is pretty good.

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          My husband and I regularly enjoy the Sunday buffet brunch at the Water Street Cooker which is also on the waterfront in Burlington. For $30 you get one supersized mimosa, a spread that includes roast beef (wonderfully rare) along with another roast (it was ham today), fresh oysters, a wonderful seafood chowder, personalized omelets and all the eggs benedict you can handle. The dessert table is not spectacular (good cookies) but you should be eating the fresh warm waffles with fruit and whipped cream anyway. All the coffee/tea you need to wash the food down. There is a gorgeous, patient Canada goose nesting below (if you get a window seat) with five eggs in her nest and I can't wait to see how she gets her goslings down to the water!

          1. re: Food Tourist

            have a big party of 19 including 3 kids and 2 1-2 year olds - looking for a place with reasonable food and that will take reservations for a Sunday night dinner

          2. Another chow update for Burlington: The Raging Olive, bills itself as Mediterranean, but run by competent Indian chefs, makes tasty, flavourful, fresh, healthy food.