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Dec 10, 2012 05:37 PM

Po Boy Sandwiches

Anywhere new to get decent po boy sandwiches right now ? (this is request is in regards to New Orleans sandwiches, not the ones known as po boys at bay cities).


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  1. The shrimp po boy from Sweetsalt is a top 5 sandwich for me. I want to try some of their other items but I can't get myself to eat anything besides the shrimp po boy.

    Not a traditional po boy by any standard though.

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      Damn, now why haven't I been to Sweetsalt yet, correct me if I'm wrong but is it in Sherman Oaks or Encino ?

      1. re: ns1

        toluca lake. srsly just go - about the same price as a toro handroll and IMHO much more gratifying

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          Well, if you are talking about a toro handroll, then the toro handroll is way better.

          But I guess it's like comparing cherries and oranges.

      2. I've been told some of the Raging Cajun po' boys from the truck are decent, but have not tried them personally. I can try to get more details, as I currently can't recall which ones were tried.

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          Thanks. Much appreciated.

          Though the food from the Ragin Cajun bricks and mortar restaurant in Hermosa Beach was sadly pretty dreadful.

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            Yes, I agree with that. But the taster is very familiar with great Cajun, so I took his word for it.

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            Ragin Cajun is opening a new location just a block from it's former 20 year old location (for the last few years they have only been operating as a food truck) on Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach and is scheduled to open this May.

          3. Not sure if it is on the regular menu, but I had an oyster poboy special at The Curious Palate that was pretty good.

            1. I have never had a po boy in this LA of ANY merit.

              1. You *might* want to look into New Orleans Cafe, in either Redondo or Hermosa Beach, now I can't remember which. She made a decent gumbo, and I recall my shrimp po boy being overflowing with well fried shrimp. This was a couple years ago though, so not sure if she's still around, but she is the real deal from NOLA.

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                  Oh, yes. I always seem to forget about that place. I'll give it another try. And yes, it's in Hermosa. In fact, it's located on the same street as Ragin Cajun although further west and closer to the pier.

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                    Isn't there a place at the LA Farmer's Market that serves Po Boys?

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                      Yes, but go with low expectations. Po boy at New Orleans in Hermosa, mentioned above, is markedly better.

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                        Yes, the Gumbo Pot is pretty bad, and sadly it gets more exceedingly awful as the year go by.

                    2. re: kevin

                      New Orleans Cajun Cafe

                      Po Boys:
                      Blackened Chicken
                      Sausage (choose from Alligator, Spicy Chaurice, Chicken, or Pork Boudin)
                      Fried Shrimp
                      Fried Oyster (hard or flash fried)
                      Shrimp/Oyster Combo
                      Fried Crawfish
                      Catfish (Blackened or Fried)

                      140 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 9025


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                        Looking at that, I might have to go back again, real soon. Thanks!

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                          Ok, it's settled. I'm going their for lunch in the next day or so.