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Dec 10, 2012 05:21 PM

Advice on Bar Boulud sought

I was mulling the prospect of going in here next week to try the oft discussed burgers.Can any kind person tell me whether walk- ins are likely to be ok at this time of year or not? Good time to go?

Also is it quite relaxed - or a bit high brow? The posh looking photos and dress code are a bit of a worry for a scruff like me. ;)


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  1. I don't think it's high brow but given it's location people tend to be fairly well dressed - the usual Knightsbridge crowd.

    I went as a walk in and the main restaurant splace was full (busy and bustling is how i remember it) so we sat in the more casual bar/lounge area.

    1. I'll wager a fiver that I'm scruffier and I had no trouble getting in on Monday evening this week. But I did have a reservation for 19.00. The joint is not as posh as it presents itself to be.

      The place got very full shortly thereafter so a walkin is very likely to be obliged to wait. They have a decent bar there thus a wait should not be a problem.

      I'd speculate that a walkin at 18.00 next week would be OK - probably little or no wait. Later in the evening would be more problematic. They attempt to turn tables but not with my party who were having a decent shot at eliminating their red wine stocks (the joy of drinking with very rich mates - top bottles and no,for me, bill.)

      And the piggyburger is ace but mind the wine prices.

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        I would have thought with all the money from the Blur reunion you could have paid for your own wine;)