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Dec 10, 2012 04:51 PM

Visiting Seattle, Looking for reco on a wine shop that carries a diverse

selection of Wash State Pinots at a fair, if not value (relative to ther market) prices.

Staying downtown on 1st Avenue.

Can the stores ship for me based on Wash law??


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  1. Do you mean Oregon pinot? Washington isn't really known for growing that grape. You'd be better off asking for Bordeaux blends or Cab. Sauv.

    As for shipping....depends on which state you're shipping to :)

    1. Since you are on 1st you should check out The Spanish Table.
      Even though you mention Pinot their selection of Spanish wines is really nice. You should also be able to find a selection in the public market.


        This is a good, long-established, shop that has a focus on Northwest wines. It is at the north end of the Pike Place Market (corner of Pike and Western, as the name implies) and it should be an easy walk from where you are staying.

        1. Best wine store is Esquin but it is a distance from you, south of the stadium. They do ship though.

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            Easily accessed via light rail though (1/2 block from the SODO stop) so not really that hard to get to from downtown.

            1. re: reiney

              Second for Esquin. Great for both Oregon, Washington and European wines.

              1. re: equinoise

                It's also close to Garagiste, which just launched a small shop at their warehouse... won't be big on local stuff, but might be an interesting visit, none-the-less.