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Dec 10, 2012 04:48 PM

Anyone Have a Custom Style Sheet to Change Color?

I've been receiving email complaints about the contrast/brightness/whitespace issues....lots of people find these colors glaring. I personally don't mind it, but plenty of staunch hounds do.

Last time there was a redesign users found glaring (color-wise), someone whipped up a custom stylesheet which darkened things up. Stylesheets aren't my I'm wondering if anyone's come up with one yet?

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  1. I usually just fiddle around with NoSquint until I get something acceptable to me whenever a website is too egregious.

    1. I am going to come up with something.
      The issue between glare and contrast isn't terrific.Not as silly as Ruth Reichl's choices in a couple of Goumet's books but gray on gray,trimmed in more gray,really.

      All this grey is why clay birds are BLACK and orange,sailors and shooters wear special tints to combat this much gray.

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      1. re: lcool

        I wear Gunnar glasses when I read Chowhound now.

        I wish we could grab the CSS from the old version. Then we could at least fix the colors, among other things.

      2. Can make a Stylish theme if anyone has time and inclination. I use one for Gmail that fixes that site's similar gray on gray on gray, headache-inducing theme. I guess that must be the current "in" web design trend. Forget accessibility; the site is industrial chic!

        1. The ability to request new or change existing palletes would be a step in the right direction. HTML color chart -->

          1. I don't recall a custom style sheet, but I do recall someone pointing out that users of Firefox can download "Stylish" ( ) which allows you to change the look and color of many elements on a Web site. Haven't felt the need to try it for this redo, but I used it with great success after the last design change.