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ISO whipping siphons and nitrous oxide cartridges

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Guess who got MCaH for Chanukah?

Looking for whipping siphons and nitrous oxide cartridges in Toronto, pref downtown or Danforth.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ohhhh I love mine. It was a gift but I believe it was bought at Nella for about $80.

    1. No where near the east end but maybe check out http://www.goldaskitchen.com
      I got the book in Oct. and have been buying myself toys ever since, really starting to add up. Whipper is about #2 in terms of my wants right now.

        1. Try Kitchen Stuff Plus!. Look for "Catering Pure Whipped Cream Maker Refill Canisters"

          1. Is there a difference between NO2 and CO2 cartridges?

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              Physically there is no difference, you can use the CO2 cartridges in the whipper bottle (I do it to produce carbonated fruits in the bottle)

              Chemically is a different story, CO2 is much more chemically active than NO2 and will not work the same way as a whipping agent. I've never tried using CO2 to whip cream but I suspect the result would be quite unpleasant