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Dec 10, 2012 04:40 PM

Fried Ipswich Clams

LA hound flying into Logan in Mid Jan, renting a car and heading north to Middlebury, VT. Looking for great fried clams without going too far out of my way. Any suggestions?

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  1. you might try Belle Isle, they're in East Boston, not too far from the airport. They get raves for their lobster rolls. Check to see if they are open in the winter.

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      Belle Isle would be an easy 10 minute drive from the airport and you could then zip up north.

      Lobster roll is really the draw there but the fried clams are good too. One caveat: bring your own salt.

    2. Two great places north of Boston are the Clam Box and Woodmans are two pretty popular places not far from Cape Ann. I'm not a huge fan of fried clams, but people rave about these places!

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        The Clam Box won't be open in mid-January. They experimented with all-year hours, but have gone back to closing during the winter.

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          And Cape Ann is nowhere near the route to Middlebury VT!

        2. In Essex, you'll find Woodman's and for inside table dining The Village or Choate Bar could be OK. Also in Gloucester The Causeway is very good, Clam Box, which I feel is best is closed till March.

            1. pf, you will pass through briefly, but welcome in advance! If you are thinking of eating lunch in Boston and then driving straight to Middlebury, here are some thoughts:
              It will take about 4-4.5 hrs non stop if you drive the route: 93 north to 89 NW to rt 4 west to 7 (or 4>107>100>125>7-) into Mbury, depending upon rd conditions and snow. Hanover NH is about 1.5- 2 hrs from Boston if you drive fast. I would suggest that White River Junction or Woodstock are your best coffee/tea/snack stops. Woodstock is imo one of the prettiest towns (architecture/history/landscape/overall charm in New England, and that would be my refresher stop. It will get dark around 4:30 i think.
              So far we are having a remarkably warm Dec. so who knows about Jan.

              The famous North Shore clam places are way out of your way if you are planning something like the above. And the 2 best, imo, are closed for winter. They are NE of Boston, about an hour to drive there and then a good hour+ to get you back to 93 and not cutting off much more than 20 minutes from the boston start.

              But fortunately, you have a terrific option right near the airport tunnel end in the North End of Boston. That glorious option is Neptune Oyster, just 1/2 block off 93 north really. The one drawback is that you will, for convenience, want to pay for parking lot(No End is residents only pkg.), and N.O. takes no reservations, so there can be a wait, depending upon time of day (they open 11:30AM and erve continuously til maybe 10PM.) Fyi,N.O. is continually packed and is teeeeny. When full, they put you on the list and call your cell when your spot is open.
              But as a single diner, you may not have a wait at all (long seating- bar). They do both trad sfd and very innovative. Many CH threads.Lobster roll and clams consistently raved.

              p.s. Don't know if you're going to visit friends in VT., but you would likely be a VERY popular visitor if you walked 1 block from N.O.
              (before or after clams) and bought some sfogliadel , almond biscotti, torrone,to take up to VT w/ you!
              Oh,also, it is very hard to find any Northern New England Board CH reviews for the VT areas where you'll be. Yelp does have some .