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Dec 10, 2012 04:26 PM

Fourth Christmas in Sonoma - anything new, better, worse?

This will be our fourth consecutive Christmas house exchanging with a family in Sonoma. Has much changed on the food scene this year? I like to cook more than I like to eat out :) so we mostly stay in for dinner and have lunches out. We're located close to the square so that's always a plus. A few faves are La Salette, Fremont Diner, Boon Fly Cafe, Juanita Juantia, Sonoma Market, farmer's market (do I remember that's on Friday). So you can see, really not high end dining. And while we drink wine every day we're not "into" it like many are so a great wine list isn't important. Any suggestions for Sonoma or the immediate (or not so immediate) area will be very appreciated. TIA.

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  1. Hard to remember what's this year and what's last but
    if you haven't had break from Mike the Bejkr definitely try to get to the Fri farmers mkt to get some of that

    Cant remember if Hot Box in Boyes Hot Spring was open last year - it's casual good but not great

    Spinster Sisters restaurant has opened in Santa Rosa and is pretty good - nice bar, good choices of small plates. I'm sure it's reviewed somewhere

    Oak Hill Farm is once again open til Christmas

    Victorian Farmstead who has great meat is at the Fri farmers market also

    Crisp bakery has opened where Artisanal used to be - they no longer have a store front - opposite the library. Some nice patisserie and croissants etc

    Otherwise can't think of anything new but if Ido will post

    1. Oops how could I forget - new restaurant in Glen Ellen - Glen Ellen Star. Small , cosy, limited but good menu - all organic meats wood fired pizzas and other wood fired dishes, reasonable prices but you should book . It's been busy since it opened in May

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        Thanks soooooo much! We love Sonoma so much but tend to go to the same places over and over. All you've mentioned are new to me.

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          mike the bejkr makes fantastic bread.