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How do you reply with an iPhone?

The new design has no obvious way to reply to posts while on my iPhone.


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  1. you have to hover over the bottom left to bring up the menu to reply

    or rather click sorry, not hover, hovering is on the laptop

    and you can click anywhere on the post it seems, not just the bottom

      1. I'm experiencing the same as Hamster - even if I click the lower left corner of the response I want to reply to.

        Sporadically, more often not, it refuses to expand responses already read when I click the "+" button. The ole "sometimes" problem.

        A week ago it all worked. Now, not. I've tapped, I've swiped - it's just not cooperating. Any ideas??

        I cannot swear I'm logged in - I found the login screen last week, I know don't remember exactly how. On the DFW category screen, I believe it's the "pencil" button at the top of the screen? Tapping it highlights it and takes me to a blank screen with just the category of D/FW, which I'm in.


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        1. re: CocoaNut

          Using safari or chrome or another browser?

            1. re: CocoaNut

              It works fine on my ipod fourth generation in both safari and chrome. Have you tried another browser or restarting your iphone at all?

              1. re: TeRReT

                I'll try restarting the phone. No, I won't change browsers for Chow access - lol! It's odd that it worked last week and not now. I suspect a change was made affecting 3gs functionality.

                I was going to add that tapping "topical boards" topic from the chowhound "all topics" index - I'm stopped.

                I can can get to a certain point through out the site and then the brakes are put on.

                1. re: TeRReT

                  Restart did not work. Thanks for your suggestions though.

          1. Good luck trying to find or follow threads though. I am very frustrated with trying to follow/read the threads. The boxes are too light to see which are indented under another and I get very frustrated trying to read or follow a topic on my i-phone.

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            1. re: jrvedivici

              I don't mind the colours I just wish I could see more posts on the front page

            2. Well, full capabilities were mysteriously restored overnight. I did notice I was having issues with other sites, some giving Java Script error msgs. I wasn't under the impression Java was loaded on any Apple product. In any case, the sun spot turned away and all sites are functioning properly today......

              1. The "link" button doesn't appear on iPhone posts. Reply and flag, yes, but not link. Is this a known problem?

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                1. re: hyperbowler

                  Hi hyperbowler,

                  Our mobile experience is an intentionally stripped-back version of the desktop. The link button does not appear on iPhone posts because it is not part of that streamlined experience. Sharing options on mobile devices are done through operating system of the phone itself.

                  Thanks, Meredith

                  1. re: mudaba

                    I wouldn't describe the link button as a "sharing option." It's a basic functionality for posting to be able to cite a specific sub-post on a thread. Not having it as an option would require me to tell people "this was referenced on post x... you'll need to search through the thread to find the specific part I'm referring to since I don't have a link button."

                    I'm fine if posting from my phone limits my access to the site, but the lack of a link button poses a burden on other readers of my posts (heh, beyond their general tiresomeness).

                    1. re: mudaba

                      My operating system does not let me share the URL for a specific individual post in a thread as far as I can tell. That's how the "link" button is used, not to pull up the URL for an entire thread.

                      Please tell me how to get the URL for my 6/23/09 post in this thread. I would like to direct traffic to the site but cannot currently. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/545158

                      I'm only on mobile for the next few hours and need to send that to someone now.

                  2. I generally click the post that I want to respond to then the dialog box pops up, I type my comments or response which is generally very witty and entertaining. Once I've concluded my typing I then generally throw my phone across the room in frustration after trying to get my response to post!