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Dec 10, 2012 03:44 PM

Afordable T-Bone Steaks to cook in West LA?

Can anyone suggest some places in and around West LA /Culver city where I might purchase steaks to cook. Namely Porterhouse and T-Bones?

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  1. If you belong to Costco that would be my number one recommendation. If not then I would check Hows Markets and see what they are offering.

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      I get my steaks at my local Costco (Culver City) but I don't recall ever seeing any T-bones there. Mainly ribeyes, or NY strips, and either boneless or with bone. Perhaps I can speak with the meatcutters in the back....

    2. The Ralph's stores near me (Westwood Village, Wilshire and Bundy, Olympic and Barrington) have choice T-bones on sale this week (thru Tues) for $4.99/lb. Porterhouse usually about 20 cents/lb. more, but sometimes marked the same.