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Dec 10, 2012 03:41 PM

Apple Cider in Toronto?

Where can I buy regular, non-alcoholic cider in Toronto? I've been to a few grocery stores but none carry it. Is it more of a specialty store item?

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  1. Though it might be inconvenient/impossible, orchards out in the 905 that press regularly have the best you'll taste. Store stock can fade quickly if it's not turned over regularly.

    1. Loblaws should have their own PC brand cider.

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      1. re: sbug206

        I was just at the Dundas and Jane Loblaws and had no luck.

        Kagemusha, I have seen other threads about the 905 orchards and will travel if I must. Thanks for reminding me!

        1. re: Davedigger

          The best I've ever had was the stuff from Apple Factory in Brampton. Really sweet stuff.

        2. re: sbug206

          Every Loblaws/NoFrills/Valumart store that I've been in, carries the PC brand of apple cider. It's quite good, too. You can find it in a cooler in the produce section. Check the best before date for the freshest selection.

        3. Couple different vendors selling it at the farmer's markets

          Bizak's has it and they do a lot of markets

          1. any sightings of cider made with honeycrisp apples downtown?

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              There's a fruit vendor, at the north farmer's market at Saturday's downtown St. Lawrence Market, that sells cider, and has been doing so for years. His is just about the first stand you'll come to as you enter the market building from the north-east side entrance. Don't know what kind of apples he uses, though.

              1. re: autopi

                At current prices, no grower will be pressing premium-priced Honey Crisps into cider!

                1. re: Kagemusha

                  they have it at whole foods in boston. if you have a chance, try it -- it's delicious.

                2. re: autopi

                  Litehouse honey crips cider is sold at Sobey's in Ontario and some Michael-Angelo's but I think they are all out in the burbs.

                  My aunt tells me that Sam's carries honey crisp cider as well in one gallon plain jugs.

                  Good luck!

                    1. re: JennaBean

                      Given the price of Honey Crisps, I assume the cider is more than the regular variety. Not keen on paying a premium when there's no way to know what's being pressed. No complaints on the mixed variety. Varietal cider? Please...

                      1. re: Kagemusha

                        You assume a lot of things... like that growers won't be pressing it. You don' thave to buy it, Autopi doesn't seem to mind to pay a premium - if it IS actually a premium.

                        Autopi - please let us know what you pay. I'm ASSUMING it is basically the same price.

                        1. re: JennaBean

                          You need to price farmgate apples this season, small and large fancy grades for the usual varieties. If you bought much of anything last season, you'll possibly get my drift.

                  1. Just keep in mind that the 2012 was among the worst in recent memory for S. Ontario apple growers. Quality cider is a bit pricier since orchard stores are selling apples at nearly double 2011 prices. Not all growers or "market" cider sellers make a quality product. Some chuck mostly windfalls, subpar apples, and sometimes pears into the press and the cider usually suffers. Shop around.

                    I like Ferri's cider at their store on Heritage Road in Brampton.