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Dec 10, 2012 03:37 PM

4 Days in Midtown this Weekend

Here’s my quick midtown NYC trip this week, Thursday to Sunday. Wife and I staying at Milford Plaza (Eighth and 45 St).

Obviously VERY touristy, and nothing too wild, but any comments welcome.

Thursday – Arrive late morning, Lunch at Esca. See nativity lighting at The Met around 5pm. Maybe a drink at Bemelmans. Then back to midtown for super casual meal. A few years ago we ate at a Chinese place, somewhere across from NBC, perhaps 47 or 48 btw 5 and 6? (It was downtown side of street). Walk up a few stairs, then it is long and narrow and filled with Asians. Loved it. Name?

Friday – Lunch at Gramercy Tavern front room. Late afternoon, Rockettes, then world-class Neapolitan pizza at Don Antonio’s before jazz at Lincoln Center. Late night maybe a drink back down at at Algonquin or Jimmy’s Corner. Or snack at Bonchon Chicken (38&7).

Saturday – Bagels at Murray's downtown, wander around Union Sq Market. Lunch at madhouse Eately or maybe ABC Kitchen. Early dinner at The Modern front room before Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Maybe Momofuku dessert during walk from Modern to Lincoln. Maybe final nightcap at top of Marriot Marquis. Or just a beer and some bluegrass at Delta Grill.

Sunday – Do have time for a nice breakfast somewhere before leaving city at noon – ideas?

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  1. The Chinese place was the excellent Sichuan place:

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Any recos on what to order at Wu Liang Ye?

      I tend to be fairly mainstream, although I love crispy pork belly, duck, and hot and spicy food.

      My wife is a big chow fun fan, ususally veg or with chix.

    2. The Chinese place was Wu Liang Ye.

      The Modern Bar Room isn't that close to Lincoln Center so be sure to factor that into your timing. For small plates across the street from Lincoln Center try Bar Boulud for charcuterie or Boulud Sud for French/Mediterranean. The Salon at Per Se would also be a luxurious alternative.

      For breakfast near your hotel try DB Bistro Moderne.

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      1. re: Riverman500

        Wu Liang Ye - yes, that's it.

        As for The Modern, I have a 5:00 res and the Met curtain is 8, and I am a fast eater. so we should be fine.

        If we get out at 6:30, I'm planning an hour walk to arrive up above Columbus Circle around 7:30 or so.

        I will look into DB Bistro Moderne - great suggestion to cap off the weekend.


        1. re: CFByrne

          An hour is much more than enough time for that walk. You'll be able to take your time.

          1. re: Skippy1414

            Taking our time is the plan - Department store holiday window viewing - it's the perfect route for many of them.

      2. If you are a cocktail fan, go to Lantern's Keep for a drink. One of the best bars in town. Make a reservation, so they know you're coming, it's small.

        If you want to have Saturday lunch at ABC Kitchen, make a reservation beforehand, as it can get busy.

        The Bar Room at the Modern is an excellent pre theatre choice. Make sure they know you're dining pre-theatre. I've gotten in and out before a show at the Bar Room very quickly. Two savory courses and a cheese plate in a little over an hour.

        For a more casual nightcap with live music, also look into Rum House.

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        1. re: kathryn

          Rum House looks very cool. I must have walked right past many times.

        2. OK

          Plan to hit The Run House for one of the nightcaps - check!

          8:30 Sunday morning res for DB Bistro - check! Followed by choir mass at St Patrick's, 10:15.


          1. Don't miss the Lobster in a jar dish at the Modern Bar, just had dinner there for my b'day a couple of weeks ago, we ended up sitting at the bar, food was great, service can easily get in/out in an hour or be leisurely like us and spend 2....

            It's a nice walk from there to Lincoln Center.

            Enjoy your weekend!