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Dec 10, 2012 03:32 PM

Grandma Pizza

Looking for decent Grandma Pizza near Essex County. I've been to Mr. Bruno's and I'm wondering if there are any other good options. While I'm mostly interested in Grandma style pies, any really good Sicilian recs are also very welcome.

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  1. Just tried Saluga's Grandma in Verona, same owners as Salute and Fin in Montclair, it was great. Also Forte has a good one in Caldwell. La Pizza in Roseland another winner.

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    1. re: bifpocaroba

      Was the Grandma pizza at Saluga's made with the sauce on top of the cheese or was it just called "Grandmother" pizza? The only reason I ask is that I see they also have a "Grandpa" pizza, which I've never heard of.

      1. re: creamfinger

        G-Ma pie @ saluga's...Sort of a crushed uncooked tomato sauce..

    2. Not sure about how GOOD it is, but the first place I had a Grandma pie was at Mario's in Clifton. The friend who took me grew up in Clifton and said it's been there forever, and that's what they're famous for. What I remember is that it was HUGE, with the thinnest crust I'd seen in a long time, and we polished the whole thing off--and I wasn't stuffed.

      I'm pretty sure that Firehouse in Madison (which generally makes good NJ pizza, imo) has a Grandma pie.

      1. I can't vouch for this Grandma pie personally, but here's a great write-up for a local Belleville standout:

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          I appreciate the research. I've been to La Sicilia many times and it was always fantastic. Sadly, the original owner (who was still there at the time of the review you linked) is no longer there. I haven't been back since he left. Hopefully his pizza recipe and his attention to freshness and quality remain with the new owners. I would welcome any feedback from anyone who has been there since his departure.

          1. re: creamfinger

            Apparently the new owners of La Sicilia were partners before with Mr. Ali and are well familiar with all of the recipes. The Palermo Pie is as good as ever, so you can continue to patronize the place.

            The only thing missing is the congeniality of Ali and his wife...

            1. re: lemarais

              That's good news. I look forward to another visit, although I will miss Ali's good cheer and enthusiasm.