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Dec 10, 2012 03:08 PM

best crockpot recipe for pulled pork?

Trying to make a pork convert of Mr. Pine, so I need to wow him with pulled pork. I'll make my own bbq sauce (not too sweet), but I've seen some weird recipes for crockpot pulled pork--many had various sodas poured over the meat. Can you do better than that??? Gracias.

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  1. Woohoo--glad this showed up...not finding the new format very intuitive for a non-techie.

    1. My favorite is just what you said-home made BBQ sauce poured over a boston but and cook on low for 10+ hours depending on the temp of the crock pot. (My new crock pot cooks at a much higher temp then the old one.)

      Once the pork is fall apart tender, remove from sauce and crank up to high. While the sauce is boiling, shred the pork with two forks or your hands. Then depending on whether you like saucy or dry either put back in the sauce before serving, or plate the pulled pork and serve sauce on the side.

      Once thing I do that many have called me out on is defat my BBQ sauce after the pork is cooked. It takes longer because I strain the sauce and pour int a de-fatter, let cool slightly and then boil down the defatted sauce. I like the taste much better.

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        Thanks, foodie. Thought I'd need to cook in in {something}, shred, then use my homemade BBQ sauce. That's why I was snarling up my nose at the sugary-soda idea.

      2. I like to cook my pork into crockpot with a beer, a touch of BBQ sauce and water to cover. After 6 or so hours, I remove most of the liquid, shred the meat, add sauce, and cook until ready to eat

        1. I use a basic barbecue rub (I think I use McCormick) on the pork and a little beer (Newcastle Brown Ale). Cook for 8 hours on low. Instead of sauce I like to toss the pulled meat with a vinegary sauce that I found for pulled chicken.

          For those people who prefer sauce I toss the meat w/barbecue sauce before serving. I do it kind of sparingly so people can use as much as they need.

          1. I also like to cook with a spice rub and then shred and add sauce at the very end. Often I put the (lightly) sauced meat in the baking dish and crisp in the oven. Depending on how fatty the meat is, I may use a bit of beer or water in the crockpot for moisture.

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              Thanks, all. Tcamp, yours is more what I was thinking of (altho' beer-cooked ones sound good, too)---want a drier meat, little or side sauce, some crispy bits. Appreciate all the advice.