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Dec 10, 2012 02:25 PM

Pls. recommend a crockpot for a bachelor who barely cooks.

He likes to eat but is not a good cook. For several decades all cooking has been in his microwaves (2). The other day he asked me why dry beans didn't cook well in his microwave. I asked if he had a slow cooker. His answer,"No", but he was interested, so there's hope.

We'd like to get a crockpot of some sort for him for Christmas, but have no idea what to buy for the man who has almost nothing in his kitchen.

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  1. Highly recommend the Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker. Good temp control, Can go a LONG time, good size and shape.

    1. It seems that if he is not much interested in cooking, then he would not be much interested in cooking tools. So get a simple one with just "off, low, high, warm" settings. At the low end these are all about the same, so just get one that has bachelor style.

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      1. I agree a basic on/off warm model will do the trick. Maybe an issue exploring here is size. I would not recommend anything smaller than 2 qt (those are more useful as "dippers") or larger than 4 qt (unless he likes to make big quantities, freeze, then nuke later on.) The basic 3-1/2 qt model probably would be ideal.

        1. May I also suggest a slow-cooker cookbook BHG has very basic ones (you can probably find in the supermarket magazine rack). The recipes are nothing special, but are easy to prepare, use basic ingredients and are pretty tasty.

          1. As a bachelor who rarely cooks, if you can find a crockpot in less than 6 quart size, maybe 4 quarts, that is the way to go.

            I rarely use my crockpot because it is simply too big to cook for one.