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Dec 10, 2012 02:22 PM

There sure are a lot of Blue Ribbon Sushis - which is the best?

I haven't been to Blue Ribbon Sushi since they first opened on Sullivan St. I have some out of towner friends who'd like to check it out and was wondering if the original is the best - or if I should take them to one of the other locations.

To frame the sushi making approach I prefer, I usually go to 15 East, Ushiwakamaru or 1or8 (and Cotan, when it was still open).

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  1. There aren't actually that many of them in Manhattan... only 3: Izakaya in the LES, the Columbus Circle "Bar & Grill" one, and the Soho one.

    Hi Bar looks like the lounge area of the Columbus Circle one.

    The Kanpai Garden is just the outside area of the Izakaya LES one.

    I'd say that the LES is doing slightly better sushi than the Soho one, but the Soho one was never mind-blowing. Or as serious as Ushi, 15 East.

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      was also including the Brooklyn location...guess i've been so used there only being 1 Blue Ribbon Sushi that anything beyond 2 locations seems like a lot to me - especially since i hadn't given it much thought considering the existence of the other spots mentioned above.

      thanks for the tip - i'll see if i can sway them to the LES location.

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        I believe the Brooklyn location closed. Sullivan St. has their main sushi chef. That being said, Blue Ribbon Izakaya on LES is the nicest atmosphere and the sushi chefs there are very skilled. If you sit at the sushi bar and you get omakase, you will get far better and more dishes than if you order from a table. The kitchen food is excellent. Especially the scallop skewer and the bone marrow dish. The sushi chefs at LES location are from Hatsuhana and Ushiwakamaru. That is my choice. The wasabi is not fresh wasabi at any of the locations ( only drawback)

    2. you go to my favorite sushi places...including the much missed cotan...

      id recommend you skip all of the blue ribbon sushi restaurants. the quality isn't there for the money. ive found that it tends to be frequented by the people that want to splurge a bit and go 'upscale' from their usual 'monster dragon spider' roll type of place.

      ushi is the spot where most people ive taken tend to love most...particularly for the money.

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        *sigh* Cotan! I loved that place. I was so sad when it closed (does anyone where know why it closed?).