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Dec 10, 2012 02:19 PM

Fresh whole lobster or lobster tails in MoCo/NOVA

Mother's birthday coming up. She wants lobster or lobster tails. Fresh, cooked-to-order. Any suggestions, other than Freddy's? Bonus points for getting close to Rockville.

Anticipating why not Freddy's: 1st, we've tried it three times and I'm not eager to return, although reviews say the lobster is great; 2d, the woman is impossible to please and I know she won't like the Freddy's atmosphere; 3d, uses a walker so we really need a place that is easy to navigate, inside and out, and Freddy's is pretty crowded.

I've found places that have lobster as a special but obvs that is a problem if they don't happen to have it the night we take her out.

Thanks, all.

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  1. The Palm Tyson's Corner, valet parking, no steps, great lobster and other food, very seasoned professional waiters who will make her feel special.

    1. Do you mean cooked, restaurant?

      Otherwise, H Mart on Georgia Ave in Wheaton.

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        1. re: Hue

          Thank you but as above - we want a sit-down restaurant, not take-out.

        2. What about Golden Bull in Gaithersburg? Sounds like the atmosphere will suit Mom just fine, they always have lobster tails on the menu (2 as an entree or as an add-on to any entree), and you can get their very decent prime rib.

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          1. re: DanielK

            Looks like a good choice. That's her style. Thanks very much.

            I haven't been to O'Donnell's since they moved (and only once before they moved). At the time, my comment was "how could anyone do this to good seafood?" alluding to the gloppy sauces. But they do have lobster and lobster tails. Have you been there recently?

            1. re: Just Visiting

              O'Donnell's has been in Kentlands since 1997. Maybe it's time to put it in the rotation?

              1. re: GraydonCarter

                Something that far out will never be in the rotation but besides that, the one time I did go to the Bethesda location, I was maybe one of 4 people under 65 (and glad to say I am still under 65) and I thought the seafood was horribly abused by glopping on all those 1950s-style sauces like Newburg. I grew up in NJ where the downscale shacks served great fresh seafood with little more than maybe a bit of butter and a squeeze of lemon. We avoided the places with tablecloths because they insisted on putting sauces and such on the seafood and fish. Now, this is for Mom and not for me, but she also appreciates good, fresh fish and seafood and if O'Donnell's is the same as it was in 1997, it probably won't do. It just struck me as a Sysco kind of joint.

                Have you been there recently? What did you think of it?

                1. re: Just Visiting

                  It's O'Donnell's in name only, a pitiful parody of the original. Even the signature rum buns are closer to something you might find in a 7-11. Red Lobster with dim lighting.

                  1. re: Just Visiting

                    I actually went there today and walked past the delivery truck unloading fresh fish. I forgot the name of the vendor, but it certainly wasn't sysco.

                    My scallops were big and beautiful.

                    My only problem with the place is that they must offer a large discount to seniors, it is always packed at lunchtime.

              2. re: DanielK

                Golden Bull is good. Dutch's Daughter in Frederick is better. Worth it, if your mom can stand the ride.

              3. Ruth Chris in Bethesda has it. IIRC sometimes they run a special on lobster for two.