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Dec 10, 2012 02:06 PM

Yuzu Kosho

A recipe I was reading earlier today called for a Japanese condiment called Yuzu Kosho. It sounded interesting as apparently it can be paired with roast meats, roasted vegetables, even fish.

Does anybody know where I might find this condiment? A downtown location preffered as I don't drive but I do take the TTC.

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  1. Well you can try Sanko in Downtown ( 416) 703-4550 I would call ahead though as they don;t have the greatest of variety.
    Otherwise I would say trek all the way to Heisei Market in J Town (you can take the TTC bus there as it is on the north side of Steele) 905-305-0108
    Happy hunting

    1. I'm not sure that they have it at J-Town. I didn't see any last time I was there.

      I was searching for Yuzu Kosho when it first came out as the latest thing but I could not find any in Toronto. I managed to order some online and also found some in a store in NY.

      I'm not sure if it has become available in Toronto but I do encourage you to find some. I first tried it at a yakitori bar in NY and loved it so much I went on a serious search for some. No luck in TO at the time but I ordered some from and it was great.