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Dec 10, 2012 01:05 PM

Grilled Oyster Company, Rockville/Potomac (Cabin John Shopping Center)

Has anyone tried it yet? I've searched for reviews here and elsewhere but not much except yelp reviews, which just don't tell you much about the food (unless your level of inquiry is limited to "delicious" or "horrible."). Would appreciate some detail about what you ate. Was that delicious salmon sandwich on ciabatta? Hamburger bun? Was the salmon grilled, fried, baked? Did it have a sauce or coating?

I don't live too far from this shopping center and would give it a try but I'd like to hear from someone who has been there, is knowledgeable about food, and has the time to share information.

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  1. I will answer my own query as we went there last night. Two of the three liked it. Mother is never happy. So it is a very popular place. The decor is minimal which I appreciate. You enter via the bar, which is small but well-stocked. The dining room has booths along both walls and 4-tops down the middle. It is loud. The service is great. Very friendly but professional. They can't do enough for you. They had lobster as a special. My mother loves lobster and thought about ordering it. Their prep is boiling but she greatly prefers broiled (as do I). The waiter ran back to the kitchen and asked if they could broil and and they said no problem. In the end, she decided to have a shrimp po'boy. I had the oyster po'boy and my husband had the cioppino. My po'boy was terrific - the oysters were plump and perfectly cooked - but they need a crunchier bread. The fries are fresh, hand-cut but not a style I like. They are shoe-string style. They were not crisp but the waiter said that if we request them crisp they will make them that way. I don't think he realized that crispness entails a double-frying method and not just more time in the oil. The cioppino was really good. I happen to not like tomato sauce on seafood but that is a personal taste issue. The seafood was fresh and abundant. The shrimp po'boy was also really good. They do not have bread baskets here. They serve a small plate with carrot and celery sticks and flat bread with some dip I didn't care for but I couldn't quite identify it. The husband liked it but he couldn't identify it either. I can't really comment on the wine as we are not experts other than to say that I enjoyed the Alamos Malbec and my husband enjoyed the Canyon Sauvignon Blanc and the pours were generous. We shared a creme brulee for dessert. Meh.
    Again, I can't say enough about the great service. Looking forward to another visit.

    By the way, reservations are a must, at least on weekends.