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Dec 10, 2012 12:17 PM

Alone in Las Vegas on X-Mas Eve & X-Mas Day...any ideas for places to go?

Hello All...
Help me out here...I will be in Las Vegas on X-Mas Eve & X-Mas Day this year...and I will be ALONE!!! Any ideas as to friendly-to-solos-during-the-holidays places. Restaurants? Bars? Lounges? Just places to go? All ideas are welcome...this was sudden!

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  1. try something new, really most places are cool solo, but more favorable that ive been to solo are L'atelier and public house from palazzo or venetion w/e and burger bar which i had the rossini burger at then was stuck with the dessert burger after so much decadance of that first one to eat up, interesting flavors not sure what other places offer on those dates for holiday menus as far as being special also loved gordon ramsay steak tasting wasnt awkward solo only silly thin gis hearing the waitress bringing people in the room explaining the lighting fixture over and over and the dessert was sad. If it was me I would probably do ramsays again depending what I was hungry for, pearl in mgm had like a 90buck menu and all of the stuff was awesome if you like miso soup and you get a surf and turf entree and something else but the battered lobster and beef were effin awesome

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      1. Well if you want a little exercise and some beautiful scenery, make your way over to Red Rock Canyon State Park - it IS open on Xmas day - unfortunately it is about 15 miles west of the strip - but definitely worth a visit - here's a link

        On the food side - You have to visit Lotus of Siam for amazing Thai food at reasonable prices - I think it's open on Xmas day - it is a mile East of the strip and it is safest to cab it there.

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          LOS is open both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - called them to be 100% sure and they said they actually get quite busy.

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