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Dec 10, 2012 12:15 PM

Fave Gluten Free cookie and baking recipes?

I've recently had to eliminate wheat and gluten and am hoping I can find a few tried and true cookie and baking recipes from folks here.

I had good sucess making some GF Mexican Wedding Cake cookies. I'd love some other great cookie ideas! Also, how about a tried and true gingerbread? I used to make one with Guiness, would love to try to replicate that.

Thanks for sharing! I'm happy to post my cookie recipe, if that's of interest.


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  1. Hi sljones!

    You would get a bunch of replies on the special diets board, methinks. Try posting this there!

    1. This isn't tried, but a suggestion for experimentation on the gingerbread -- Green's GF Dubble plus GF flour. I don't know enough about the science to understand if regular stout brings something specific to the table, but it may be worth a shot. I've been contemplating using a local GF hard cider, but that brings in a whole different flavor element.

      1. Look at these websites - always great stuff: (I can say that her pie crust is fab


        I've got some recipes that I can share, if you'd like. A great roll-out sugar cookie one, as well as a "kitchen sink" cookie and an amaretti.

        Also, since cookies can be fairly foolproof, you can generally sub out GF flour for regular flour, using 140gms GF flour to each cup of regular flour.

        You'll want a good mix too. Check out this post from Gluten Free Girl - it will give you good ideas for a good, all purpose GF flour mix.

        And don't buy into the xantham gum stuff when baking. Use psyllium husk instead, at the same ratio that the recipe might call for xantham gum.

        Good luck! Cookies are really easy GF!

        1. These very chocolaty cookies are delicious, and also flourless, so there's no need to worry about GF subs:

          1. I'd love to have any great holiday baking ideas that are husband can't have it and it's really cramping my christmas baking :)