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Dec 10, 2012 11:32 AM

Puerto Rico Lechon around Rio Grande?

I will be in the Rio grande area and looking for lechon asado. Is Ruta del Lechón still the best? I'm looking if anything is closer.
How far is guavate from rio grande by drive?

Also are there any other must try places in the rio grande/fajardo area?


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  1. Try El Verde on Rt. 3

    1. Here's a little map I made from our last trip three years ago. It shows a few lechón places in Rio Grande - Luquillo - Fajardo. Saturday is the best day to look for lechón.

      Do go up the mountain road to Cuchilandia in Paraíso - Fajardo if you can, it has a lot better selection than a simple lechón stand along the road.