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Dec 10, 2012 10:49 AM

Kids at Nizza la Bella? [Albany]

Need a place for Christmas Eve dinner with two kiddos under four. Was thinking that an early reservation at Nizza la Bella would work, as the kids love mussels and pizza -- has anyone ever seen kids there? I don't want us to annoy other diners, but Christmas Eve reservations are scarce and almost always more fancy than our usual outings.

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  1. I've seen lots of families with young kids there, but usually during brunch. I think a booth, kids sitting on the inside, would be fine, especially early in the evening.

    1. Your under-4 kids like mussels?

      That's impressive. I love them but can't even get my wife to touch them.

      1. You'll be fine! We've been taking our kid to Nizza ever since she was a tot and they've always been lovely about it.

        1. I'm so impressed at how thoughtful you are. And what great eaters those kids are. kudos.

          1. The Dive, how did it go?