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Dec 10, 2012 10:42 AM

Where to get Choripan?!(Argentinian Sausage)

Every time I go to Balboa Park for the December Nights Festival I always stop by the Argentinian house and get Choripan sandwich with chimichurri! It is so good but every time I go it seems like there are more and more people haha.

Where can I get Choripan and just grill it myself?! Or is there a common sausage sold in stores that tastes like Choripan?? It would be nice if this place also sold chimichurri sauce otherwise I might need a good recipe for it..

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  1. Chori = Chorizo / Pan = Bread. Northgate Market has Argentinian Chorizo. I'm not certain about the chimichurri, but it's easy to make. The book Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way is a good resource. Best of luck.

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      Cool I've been in northgate but never looked for it there. I bet it's the same. thanks!

    2. The Hillcrest Farmers Market has a stall that sells both empenadas and Choripan. You may want to swing by and ask one of them.

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        Ah you're right, I've seen it before. I'll ask them! thanks!