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Dec 10, 2012 10:26 AM

Freezing a storebought cheesecake with toppings

I just bought a Wellesley Farms 14 piece sampler cheesecake from BJ's. It was on sale and I thought I would freeze it and serve it for dessert for Xmas dinner. I Googled freezing cheesecake, and practically everyone cautions against freezing cheesecakes WITH toppings because they say the fruit and gelatin used in the toppings do not retain their texture after freezing and defrosting. Does anyone know of a method for freezing it that will not ruin it? HELP!

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  1. What are the toppings? Fresh fruit isn't going to freeze well, but caramel or jam might be fine. Alternately, would it still be good without the toppings, or if you scraped them off and replaced them with fresh berries or sauce?

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      The toppings look to be caramel, like a strawberry and blueberry glaze/jam covering, chocolate swirl, things like that.....doesn't look like fresh fruit to me. Now that I think of it, doesn't Sara Lee make a frozen strawberry cheesecake?