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Dec 10, 2012 10:11 AM

Care (food) package(s) to Waltham

I'd like to send food to my college student during finals. Aside from the national gift basket sources are there any local places that will deliver high quality items, e.g. fruit and cheese, smoked salmon etc., as a local delivery?

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  1. Russo's or Formaggio Kitchen maybe, but I don't think either of them have delivery guys--they'd probably just use UPS/FedEx.

    Liquor stores usually offer delivery though ;-)

    1. Hi Iris,

      You may want to check out Roche Bros. or Peapod (Stop & Shop) who deliver fruit baskets and deli items, among other things. Just be sure to make sure that your student knows to be around between x and x hours, lest a floormate accept delivery and consume the goodies.

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        Thanks! I never heard of Roche Bros. Left a phone message for customer support. Do they have good quality foods?

        1. re: iris

          My coworkers who live in the Greater Boston area like it, and say that it's a step up from the big national chain supermarkets that deliver (like Pea Pod). Roche Bros. is locally owned/operated. I'm told that they also offer same-day delivery, whereas other chains do not.

          I'm sorry I don't have personal experience--I live on the NH border. But, I have heard good things for 10+ years.

          1. re: pinehurst

            It looks terrific, thanks so much!

          2. re: iris

            Yes, Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms is pretty good, but not as good as Russo's, Verrill Farms (Concord) or Whole Foods. There is a large Whole Foods in Newton, not too far from Waltham. Waltham itself is, unfortunately, a wasteland for top quality groceries.

            1. re: Science Chick

              Thanks. I'll look at Russo's too. I called Whole Foods before I posted - no deliveries.

              1. re: iris

                Wilson Farms in Lexington is another wonderful possibility. Their website says they make gift baskets:
                Not sure if they deliver, but they have great quality everything!

        2. In case this is useful general knowledge, Russo's does not deliver and Wilson Farms delivers but requires someone to be available for delivery from 11-4.

          The delivery from Roche Bros. (full service grocery) is a $10 flat fee with a 2 hour window for delivery.