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Dec 10, 2012 10:10 AM

Christmas Eve early dinner nice place in around Wilmington

I was supposed to make reservations at the Green room for xmas eve and didn't now of course they are booked, Moro either booked or closed, Krazy Kats booked. I'm in trouble, any ideas? Thanks, looking for dinner around 6pm for 4 people. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Open Table shows 6 pm availability at Harry's Seafood and Piccolina Toscana, although neither of them is at the same level as Green Room or Moro in terms of ambiance, but I have had plenty of satisfying meals at both. Domaine Hudson has availability but I haven't felt comfortable recommending them for some time now. If you can eat earlier, Krazy Kats has 5:15 availability through Open Table.

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      Thanks, sisterinlaw doesn't like seafood, I made reservations at Toscana, I don't like DH and KKs told me only thing they had was 230 but I may try Open table again, thanks for the info though.

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        This is interesting, once I received ur email I went to book the 515 at KK, accepted by OT. I just called to confirm with KK, no reservation...oh well thanks for the info but looks like we are going to Toscana which I hope is better this time, used to be my fav but last couple of times was not too good. thanks again.

      2. What about Harry's savoy or Columbus inn?

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          Thanks for that info, I think I am good for now although I will call to confirm my reservations.