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Dec 10, 2012 09:49 AM

EV--Birthday Chocolate Cake or Carrot Cake for tomorrow!

Anybody know any good chocolate cake or carrot cake makers in the East Village for a birthday tomorrow? (I only know about Veniero's and DiRoberti's...)

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  1. I'd call Dessert Club Chikalicious as soon as possible.

    Valrhona Chocolate Mousse
    6” 29.95, 8” 39.95, 10” 49.95, 12" 59.95

    Carrot Cake
    6” 29.95., 8” 39.95, 10” 49.95, 12" 59.95

    There's also Black Hound but it is much more pricey. And you've already missed the cutoff for a Momofuku Milk Bar cake (48 hours).

    1. Black hound has very decadent cakes, I've bought them many times and feel that they were well worth the money. My favorite is their "busy bee" cake: chocolate cake with layers of marzipan.

      Veniero's is always a solid choice if you don't want for something as pricey as blackhound. I'm fond of the chocolate mousse cake but not so much for their black forest cake. I haven't bought cake and Di Roberti's so I'm afraid I don't have any info on that.

      If you're not sure which to buy, you can go to Veniero's and go to their cafe and order a slice of cake to sample it. Also blackhound sells small individual sized cakes. That way you don't need to commit to a giant cake before finding out whether you like it or not.