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Dec 10, 2012 09:48 AM

Good inexpensive eats near University of Hartford/Hartt School

I'm taking my daughter to look at the University of Hartford/Hartt school. I thought we would grab a bite to eat before we head home. Can you recommend some places nearby with good cheap eats?


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  1. Scott's Jamaican Bakery on Albany. Make sure to grab some extra patties, you'll want them later.

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    1. re: ratbuddy

      I like Scotts too, but you should also add that this is a very dangerous area.

      1. re: hotwing

        Are they all in dangerous areas? I found their website and see that there is more than one location.

        1. re: Disneyfreak

          Hi Disney, I checked the other Scotts locations and they are all in the North End of Hartford. The North End is a gritty, urban location which is well-know for violent crime.

          I would suggest Tapas in it's Bloomfield location which is about 10 minutes away from U of H.

          1. re: NE_Elaine

            Please don't scare people off. As I said before, the Albany Ave location is safe as can be. Only nervous suburbanites find that area to be dangerous.

        2. re: hotwing

          That end of Albany Ave is by no means dangerous unless you are there to buy drugs. During the day, there is no problem going to Scott's. As long as you aren't jumping around waving money in the air, people will leave you alone. Use regular city smarts.

          Yeah, my fair city has a crap reputation, but it's mostly from suburbanites who see news stories about shootings in druggie areas and assume the whole city is like that. It ain't.

          1. re: ratbuddy

            There are other Scott's locations that have more of a restaurant right? Would those be a better choice?

            1. re: ratbuddy

              Re Scott's and that part of Albany Ave., maybe not dangerous, but not the nicest or most welcoming part of Hartford, either. Folks not from around here should be advised is all.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                I don't see how you can steer somebody in that direction without some kind of forewarning. I would definitely not let my wife and child go there by themselves. Nor would I send a stranger to the area.

                1. re: hotwing

                  I used to drive Albany Ave. to school back in the late 80s. It always struck me as fitting that there was a beheaded statue of a deer on Deerfield Ave. I think it's gone now.

                  1. re: hotwing

                    Guess we just disagree, because I don't find the area intimidating at all, and I don't hesitate to suggest Scott's to anyone. It's a local treasure.

            2. I can't vouch for the place because I've never been there, but a lot of the Hartt kids (at least the string players) like Brazil Grill off of Park Street.

              1. I love Scott's but it is take out only

                Check out the shopping and restaurants in West Hartford Center

                close to campus in Bloomfield:

                1. My two favorites in the area that meet your criteria, speaking as a U-Ha alum:

                  Vietnam Restaurant:

                  Tapas (now with a location in Bloomfield that may be closer to campus):

                  1. Not too far in Bishop's Corner is Harry's Pizza - excellent thin crust pizza, salads

                    In Elizabeth Park just a quick drive - the Pond House, really creative interesting restaurant.

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                    1. re: TnTinCT

                      I agree Harry's Bishop's Corner is amazing, but I wouldn't really call it cheap, and the website is :


                      The other Harry's is not related, and while good, isn't quite as good.

                      1. re: ratbuddy

                        Agree with you there ratbudy. Had their seasonal fra diovlo pizza this past summer. One of the best pizzas Ive ever had. Definitely not cheap though.