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Dec 10, 2012 09:44 AM

Playa Cabana - New Junction Location

Saw this place had opened, and decided to give it a try on Friday night. Got there reasonably early, and were seated right away, but the time we finished up, the place was really busy - lots of people standing at the bar. Overall was pretty impressed - my friend and I split some guacamole to start, which they serve in stone bowls. There were a lot of big chunks which was a little annoying. They offer you mild, medium or hot. We ordered hot, and it wasn't too spicy. Also two hot sauces on the side - one was very spicy.

For our mains my friend thought he ordered a chicken burrito, but instead it was steak and shrimp. I was served "wet" with a green and red sauce. Said it was the best burrito he every had. I had the fish tacos, which came in an order of three. They were good - deep fried white fish, with an interesting cabbage/slaw on top. They came with a bean and rice side, which I thought was kind of overkill.

I had a couple drinks - a mojito and a margarita. Both very good. And as an added bonus we were by the kitchen and watched one woman make all the tortillas fresh.

I believe it was their first night, and there were a few bumps in the service, but nothing that would ruined our night. Will definitely try them again.

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  1. Surprised to see no replies to this, thought it would cause quite a stir on the chowhound board, I guess not. I like to call this place "Grand Electric with reservations". The food is pretty much the same but a larger selection. They must have spent a fortune on interiors, it's like a grown up mexican disneyland, tons of half-working rusty old neon signs, old south western and mexican decor. The clientele was much older than Grand Electric as well, all + 30 and even some 50 +. I guess that's the nature of the area, not as young, or hipster. If you want good mexican, with reservations with a noisy and fun atmosphere this spot is for you. I still prefer Seven Lives, no one is touching them food wise for Mexican in the city IMO.

    1. Went last week and had a great meal overall.

      Guac, crispy brisket tacos, fish tacos, corn, 2 burritos, margaritas, house made cream soda.

      Tacos and drinks were the highlight, but everything was really solid overall. Get reservations. You will need them. A party of 5 could only be seated at 5:30 or 9:30 on a Tuesday.

      Service was friendly but there are still some kinks. Gave a meat burrito to a vegetarian who ordered a veg burrito. Luckily she was flexitarian(ish), and they ended up making up a whole new veg burrito for people to eat there or take home.

      Gets loud during prime time, ambience is a bit schizophrenic but fun. Thank heavens for a great restaurant in the Junction.

      1. I've been to this place on a few occasions and really like it.
        As said on one of the other posts it is grand electric'ish in the sense it's similar on the food tip.
        All i've had were tacos, ceviche and drinks - they had a beef cheek taco on the first visit which was ridiculous, and on the second it was replaced by a short rib taco. loved both.
        Fish tacos are great they also do an octopus which was good but not as much as the others.
        Drinks were good there's one with tequila campari and something else i liked as well their margueritas were deadly.
        Not as impressed with the beer which literally ONLY carries Dos Equis which i'm not a fan of. Kind of surprised at this actually as they spent such a ton of thought on the menu and decor - maybe the boys at Dos kicked in a few sheckles who knows. Anyway, good tunes and nice staff. Love it's in my hood!

        1. Tried Playa Cabana in the Junction a couple of weeks ago. I find this place to be something Bar Rescue created. The decor and atmosphere definitely hit the mark for the demographic. Like the other reviewers, when this place is full, it is loud.
          As for the food, it was okay but a bit on the pricey side. Three chicken tacos for $14 is a bit steep. The octopus tacos were rubbery and burnt. The fish tacos were decent. The chicken tinga tacos were a bit dry. As for drinks, beer selection is not the best. Mojitos were tasty.
          If you want to go to a hip place and be seen, hit up Playa Cabana. If you want to have a relaxing dinner where you can actually talk to your companion, rather than shout, hit up La Revolucion down the street. They have decent Mexican food. I really like their taquitos.

          1. I've been to the Dupont location, but not this one. My understanding is that the menu is pretty much the same menu. And, since I love Playa Cabana on Dupont, I can't wait to try this location.